Nothing to do with makeup… but I wanted to share my latest ‘smell good’ find, candles from Space NK!

I knew that they made candles, but I didn’t know they were any good. Edwin ‘forced’ me to take a whiff of the new selection, and I fell in love with the Citrus Mint:

As soon as I took these pictures, I lit the candle. It filled up my bedroom, bathroom, and part of the connecting hallway. Really clean, sweet, fresh scent. I love it. I burned it last night and this morning. A former neighbor once taught me to burn a candle for about an a a day…. and after a week, the scent begins to ‘linger’ for almost 24 hours after you’ve blown the candle out. It’s certainly a lovely scent to come home to.

Like I said… this was totally random. But I wanted to share. You can get this candle and the rest of ’em from the Space NK website at www.spacenk.com