FOTD: Brown Grass

Ignore the title… I’m crap for inspiration these days. Green and brown… quick and easy:

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup (4CN1)
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (#2)
Chanel Blush in Imprevu
Chanel Illusion d’ Ombre in Epatant (base)
Dior 5-Colors Garden Edition: Green Color (lids)
NARS Eye Shadow in Mekong (crease)
YSL Shocking Gel Liner in Jade Black (lashline)
Armani Silk Eye Pencil in Brown (waterline/under waterline)
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
Rouge d’ Armani Lipstick in Brown 203

Dior Holiday 2011: 5 Couture Golds

Dior continues its ‘warming trend’ for the Holidays, with a palette shot through with a healthy dose of gold:

The palette features five ‘gold-inspired’ colors: a pale beige, a true golden peach, a golden taupe, a golden brown, and a shimmer gold in the center.

My swatches truly do not do these colors justice… each shade is rich and warm and very flattering.

I love this better than the Endless Shine palette, but not as much as the 5 Golds Palette. Overall though, it’s a decent effort from Dior.

Eye Adore: Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky

I thought that I’d end up passing these little beauties by, because they didn’t look like much in pictures. But when I saw the new Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Palettes, I soon changed my mind. Each palette consists of a base color, a ‘smoky’ color, and a high shine ‘couture’ color.

The palette in ‘Smoky Khaki’ came home with me:

The top of this little genius compact slides back, and the top pops open to reveal the colors. Took me a minute to figure it out, I nearly dropped it trying to pop the top in traditional fashion. Fortunately for me, I have a bit of a learning curve…

The colors don’t look like much in the pan. But I’ll have you know that the base is a solid swatch of golden green, the ‘soft smoky’ is a dark khaki color, and the ‘couture smoky’ is a shimmering khaki wonder. Of all the color selections, this (and the black, which reminded me a lot of Chanel’s Mirifique) was my favorite.

With flash, the colors look a bit more ‘taupe’ on my skin. But if you remove the flash (at least in my pictures), the green really comes through:

Out of focus… SMH. But you get the general idea. 

You can get this lovely palette, and any of the others at

FOTD: Mitzah

I really can’t justify plunking down $90 for the new Dior Mitzah palette. I love the idea of the leopard print beauty, but the colors are so dupeable that the truth is I’d never actually use it… so therefore I’ve determined that I don’t need it.

Still, I wanted to do a little something using just the Mitzah Mascara:

Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer (Roxanne)
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation (Ambre 94)
Chanel Loose Powder (Dore)
Chanel Blush in Rose Ecrin
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (brows)
NARS Eyeshadow in Estrusque (lids/under waterline)
NARS Eyeshadow in Mekong (lashline/under waterline)
Styli-Style Eye Pencil in Brown/Black
Dior Mitzah Mascara
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville

Dior: Autumn 2011

Dior is staying ‘cool’ with its latest makeup collection, aptly named ‘Blue Tie.’

Love the visual. Simple but dramatic, with a blue twist.
These are the items that have my attention:
Dior Blue-Tie Star Shadows in Smoking Blue and Smoking White
DiorShow Waterproof Eyeliners in Carbone and Marine
There are also a couple of blushes and lipsticks in the collection, but these items are what REALLY got my attention. While the colors are not unique (blue/silver/white/black) they are presented in such a way that the packaging and the promo REALLY pop.

Lip Service: Dior Addict Lipstick

While I wait with bated breath for the Coco Rouge Shine Lippies… I’ve had to make do with the Dior version. They’re not half bad. They’re more pigmented than the Chanel versions, but not as moisturizing. And there are SO many colors! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I finally ended up with one color (miracles happen), called ‘Smoky.’

The flash REALLY blew this color out. It’s more of a smoky-brown-rose, if that makes sense. It’s about 2 shades darker than what you see there. I tried to take it natural light, but lost the color of it. So flash is what ya get.

I like it a lot. I don’t care for many of the colors because they’re a bit ‘frosty’ for my tastes, and many of them are unflattering for my skin tone. But ‘smoky’ is a keeper.

Giveaway: MAC Quite Cute! (CLOSED)

I know a LOT of people were bummed about not winning the Viva Glam II contest (there can be only one, unfortunately)… so how about we ease the blow with a new Giveaway!

The MAC ‘Quite Cute’ Collection doesn’t officially launch in stores  until next Thursday (April 7th)… there is a party tonight at the Pro Store on Robertson where you can buy it, but then they put it away until next week. Regardless, I managed to score it a week early at Naimies! So when I score, you score too!
It’s an ADORABLE collection. But you know I never love it all. I picked my favorites and decided to pay a them forward:

From the left:
MAC Blush in Sakura
MAC Lipstick Play Time
MAC Plushglass in Girl (heart) Boy
MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea
MAC Plushglass in I (heart) You
MAC Eyeshadow Quad in Cutie
And it’s all going into this QUITE CUTE Pink Dior Makeup Bag!

You guys know the drill… you MUST  be a public follower/subscriber to qualify. Everyone who follows is automatically entered once. You can amp your chances by following me @shahadakarim on Twitter, Liking ‘Adventures in Makeup’ on Facebook, linking the giveaway to your blog, and actually blogging about the Giveaway. 

Gris-Gris for The Golden Globes

I got a last minute call to do makeup for three guests, for tonight’s show. I was DETERMINED to break out my Dior Gris-Gris quint. So I did a fast little smokey eye before running out the door:

Dior Forever Foundation (040)
Dior Gris-Gris Quad
Medium Matte Grey on lids and under waterline
Medium Shimmer Grey in crease
Light Shimmer Grey on browbone
Blue Grey Shimmer in inner corner
Dark Shimmer Grey blended above crease
Chanel Gris Scintillant Eye Pencil
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
*Fortunately this quad is VERY easy to work with. My whole face took about 20 minutes. Remember that resolution to get more organized? I’m working on it… I had to slam my kits together to get to my clients on time… but I made it!*

Covet Worthy: Dior Gris-Gris Quint

Okay, this Spring 2011 collection is a lot harder to track down than it looks. Most places haven’t gotten it yet, and those who have only got pieces of the collection. Everyone has gotten the Gris Gris quint, which is EXCELLENT.

I thought it would be too shimmery… but it’s not. It features five velvet shades of grey, with a little shimmer. No frost (thank goodness). Even the blue based grey (upper left corner) is only mildly frosty, and it can be blended out.

Even that darkest color (center of the quint) is grey based. It’s shot through with a multi-color shimmer that I don’t really think will show up in practical application.

I took the color swatches in the sunlight because I think it shows the most accurate finish for the shadows. I think they will definitely catch the light with a flash or under any artificial lighting… but they wear very velvet in natural lighting… which is good. This quint is highly versatile and easy to use.

I have NOT seen the quads yet, or that silver lippie that I really want. I think it’s at Nordstroms… and I’m not going near there until next week. As soon as I find the other pieces, I’ll let you know whether or not they’re covet worthy.

Ciao for now!

Gone Grey: Dior Spring 2011

Just when I was weaning myself of the greys for a bit…

Dior is pushing grey based color… with a hint of lavender and rose for Spring 2011. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve seen swatches… but I’ve yet to try specifics from the collection out for myself. My assignment today will be to find out whether this collection is covet worthy:

Off the bat… I can tell you that I’m skipping the 5-design quint (don’t I have that one already?). I don’t use them nearly enough to justify the price. But the grey quint looks intersting (especially that blue based color), and the matte quads look awesome. Dior mattes tend to oxidize without a base of some kind; it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve corrected that little problem with the new colors. Mascara .. unless it blows me out of the water… likely a pass. Same for the single shadow and the nailies. I like the idea of silvery gloss… and I’m dying to try it out. Lipsticks… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So I’m going in with a few pre-conceived notions and expectations. I’d love to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping! I’ll swatch… test.. and practically apply, and report back as soon as I’m done. Ciao for now!