FOTD: Lions & Chimps

I pulled some of the more ‘charitable’ new releases from Chantecaille and Kat Von D to put this together. You’ve already seen the Lion’s palette. The Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps is an orange-based red that I find actually wears more comfortably than fullsizerender143her regular colors. I struggle with Lolita II in terms of dryness and flakiness. But this set in about 30 seconds and wore comfortably for hours. It’s described as a ‘warm brick red’ but it’s not … at least not on me. It definitely translates much lighter than brick and is more orange than ‘warm’… even though orange is a warm color. Am I making any sense? Maybe not.

Anyway, to the makeup! The base is a combination of By Terry’s Lumiere Foundation in #8 (which I don’t think they make anymore) and Koh Gen Do’s Aqua foundation in Ochre. Ochre is super yellow, and By Terry pulls a little pink. So I combined the two to neutralize them. Powder is Charlotte Tilbury pressed in #2 (which has quickly become my jam, much to the chagrin of my wallet). Blush isn’t really that at all… it’s Highlight The Truth (which says Taraji Glow on the back) from the MAC Taraji P. Henson collection. It’s such a strong peachy gold that I can easily wear it as a blush. It would only be a highlighter on much darker skin, and honestly I think they did that on purpose and… KUDOS! I soooo feel like Taraji was in the background talking about: “Y’all got PLENTY for the pale girls. Y’all need to hook my pigmented beauties up!” You know she was.

Eyes are mostly the grey and rust colors from the Chantecaille . As you can see, they kind of mashed together. The grey is matte and the rust is shimmer but damn if they don’t  both look BROWN. I’m working on that. I put the tiniest bit of the highlight color near the tear duct. Y’all WHY do my brows look like that? SMH.  I need to call Jennifer… who I’m pretty sure is on vacation or something because my phone has not buzzed with an appointment reminder. Dammit.

The liner is Tom Ford Eye Definer, which so far is so very good. BUT I always think that about a new liner and that joint dries out 10 days later so I’m reserving final judgement for a while. MUFE pissed me off so damn bad… started skipping just weeks after I bought it (damn felt tip liner). But this one has a brush and it’s making a difference. Takes a little more control… which is funny for me because I’ve clearly been out of practice from using felt tip liners and gel liners/brushes. But it’s holding up well for the moment.

You already know what the mascara is. 😉

The lips were applied two different ways: center from the wand and edges with a brush. This liquid lipstick isn’t super thin, but it’s just enough to make me a little nervous so I did a little precision work.

Chantecaille Lion’s Collection

I did (once again) participate in the Chantecaille limited edition shenanigans, and this time it was worth it. Sea Turtles remains my ever favorite of the palettes, but the Lion palette is definitely giving it a run. The colors are rich and vibrant, and wearable to boot.

So pretty! That bronze is everything. So is the rust. The grey is a shimmer overlay, but goes matte after a use or two. The others remain shimmery.


Love. I love that the colors are wearable but not bland.

The lipstick in Mirage looks brown, but swatches more of a nude pink on me. Looks like my sorta naked lips without my signature pigmentation. Like. But not with the palette. I feel like this color is too light to complement the richness of the palette, so I’ll be playing with maybe darkening it up or bronzing it up to make it match. The good news is, it’s fine on its own. I wore it with just a little TM and mascara and it was lovely. But it washes out with the palette… at least on me.

That’s it for the Lion Collection. The rest was a pass, even the brighter lipsticks which looked great on paper but were impractical on me. I always love bright lipstick in the tube, then inevitably end up reaching for a nude. Such is life.

So Much Makeup…

Okay, I know I owe y’all some posts and what not. But hey, you finally got the skincare stuff … so… yeah. But now… MAKEUP!

Let’s start with Chantecaille:


I got off my tail and got all of the Lux Chrome Duos. OMG. So good. I love them all, even the Monte Carlo which is broken in the latch (I am so taking it back and trading it for a good one. Things cost too much money to have a bogus latch. Hmph). They are essentially high shine pressed pigments. At least one of the colors has that high shine, while the other might behave more as a shimmer. They work amazing together or separate, and the quality is simply out of this world. Makes me forgive madness like the Coral palette or the Bumblebee palette (NO ONE WEARS SKY BLUE EYESHADOW)… just saying.


Tibet is hands down my favorite. It’s a high shine smoky brown and platinum that really come to life on my warm skin. I’ve been wearing this in some form non stop since getting it about a month ago. If you can only pick one, this would be my recommendation.


I honestly didn’t expect to like Gardens of Marrakesh as much as I do. I’m not a fan of pastels (see my quip about pale blue) so I was a little meh on the combo. But they really work together so well. And I’ve even worn the lavender by itself, so that’s something.


Behind Tibet, this is my next favorite. Monte Carlo is my jam with a warm peach and shimmer light bronze. Swatched like crap… and I’m not really sure why. Because it’s really amazing. I’ll show y’all in an FOTD eventually. No, really.


I don’t even like purple that way, but Piazza San Marco is just enough of a ‘dirty purple’ to get me interested. It really sticks and can be manipulated to go warm or cool with other shadows. How awesome is that?


Look at how disrespectful these pictures are. I don’t even know why they did that. Probably because I’m about to talk trash. I’m not a huge fan of greens either. I love the idea of khaki, but I don’t wear it enough. But like the purple, Grand Canal made me pay attention because of the formula. Honestly, it wears light with a high shine and little to no effort. Also no creasing or fading on these oily lids, particularly because I refuse to wear a primer (I’m prejudiced against extra product for extra product’s sake). If your eyeshadow can’t perform on its own, it has no business in my collection.

New Chantecaille (since this stuff’s been out for a while) is coming. Y’all know I’m chatty. Gotta break up these posts! 😉


FOTD: Gone Back to Chantecaille

I still love so much about this brand, particularly the classic offerings. Chantecaille can get beside itself sometimes with overpriced mediocre palettes that only use 5% of charitable donations to entice us into the mediocrity (I know… some brands do that with NO charitable contributions). But for the most part, I’m ever a fan. One of the stores I frequent jokes that I’m their best Chantecaille customer. I’ll be that.


For this FOTD, I went back to Future Skin (Banana is my color). I love this foundation to pieces. The finish is so fresh and skin-like and the coverage is blur-perfect. I love that it’s oil free but doesn’t dry the crap outta my skin. I just hate the packaging. Still so cheap and raggedy and unsanitary. They need to put this stuff in a  pump and be done with it. No one wants to fuss with a messy pot all the damn time. That’s honestly why it gets passed over when I’m in a hurry. I don’t have time to mess with it and make sure I’m not letting grossness in while I’m trying to get goodness out. I honestly don’t understand why they’ve opted out of bottles for all of their skin products. Those heinous little tubes they use aren’t cute either.

I used a Beauty Blender to sheer it all the way out, and then highighted with a sheer layer of Ardere Concealer in #5. I set it all with Viseart Loose Powder in Cedrat. Blush is the darkest bronze (which has a plum shimmer) from the Viseart Plum/Bronze Palette.

Eyes are courtesy of the Chantecaille Le Chrome Lux Eye Duo in Tibet (the best of the bunch). I also have Gardens of Marrakesh… and to be honest I may get the rest of them. The formulation is insane, and the color payoff is so gorgeous. Lips are Louboutin Matte in Zoulou (still my favorite of all of them) patted out with fingers to stain over sheer gloss. The eyes were so shiny that I just didn’t want the overall look to translate as ‘piled on.’

I’ll break down the new Chantecaille Lion Palette in a bit. It’s better than the last effort (Magnolia); still not as good as my favorite (Sea Turtles). But you know I’m here for it. I just… am.

Product Review: Chantecaille Radiant Gel Bronzer

The Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer is one of those things you don’t think you need, until you use it. After that, you wonder how you possibly got along without it all this time. I’m now on my second tube of this stuff, and thought I’d share it with you guys while the packaging is still nice and fresh.

The tube comes pinched like that, even when it’s full of product. I’m thinking that’s just the way it’s designed. When I got the first tube, I thought I’d gotten a dud. But now that I have a new tube, I think they all look like that.

From the website:
“Radiance is a liquid bronzer that offers a touch of sun and subtle luminosity to any complexion. The new formula is a cross between a gel and a creamy fluid that is weightless and imperceptible, yet smoothing and long-lasting with raspberry stem cells for DNA protection and an antioxidant youth-preserving Bearberry complex.”

Makeup that doubles as skincare? Sign me up! You know I’m a sucker for those ‘hybrid’ cosmetic/skincare types.

The gel has a bit of a shimmer, and it’s just a touch warmer than my actual skin color. It adds a lovely glow to my skin, and blurs out any imperfections. Despite the color, I’ve  used it on some of my palest clients. It translates very well on most fair to medium/dark skin tones.

I use this gel to bring down the color of any foundation that I have that’s too light (on myself or a client), and I use it just plain as a foundation. Because it’s primarily a gel formulation, oily skin types will love this stuff. It sets very well, and looks completely natural. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a natural looking bronzing gel, that won’t transfer or run… particularly if you have an oily skin.

You can find out more about Chantecaille Radiant Gel Bronzer HERE.

FOTD: PHAME Expo 2013

The first PHAME (Professional Hair and Makeup Expo) got underway today. Now that IMATS has morphed into… well… something else, this pro-invite event lured several hundred makeup adventure seekers to Pasadena to see what’s what.

Now, it’s 100+ degrees these days (no… really), so I was not interested in wearing anything that would crease, run or otherwise make me look like a melted ice cream cone. So I kept it clean:

Elizabeth Arden Smoky Powder Pencil in Black (waterline/lashline)

Flawless Finish: Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

Foundation Type: Aeresol/Spray
Skin Type: Normal/Combination
Coverage: Medium to Full 
Finish: Radiant

One of the makeup items featured at the Nordstrom Trend Event was the Diorskin Airflash Foundation. The selling point for the event is that you can go beyond your face, to wear the foundation on any part of your body that needs a little extra ‘attention.’ Prior to the announcement, I never gave the foundation a second thought. It’s pricey ($60+) and for the amount of product you get (and depending on what you use per spray), you’re likely to go through a canister rather quickly, especially if you’re going beyond your face.

Then I hit the internet to see who was doing what with the foundation. I didn’t find much in the way of body makeup… but I found a ton of videos/reviews with folks who found all manner of ways to use this foundation (including some folks who sprayed like half the can in a single setting) on their faces. On the brush, on the fingers first, and directly on the face. The versatility (and wide range of techniques) made me want to try some things out myself.

I’m the color 500 (Dark Beige). For comparison, I’m MAC NC-43/44 with yellow undertones. This foundation accounts for my undertones, so I don’t look ‘muddy’ when I put it on. Now… I was a little freaked out at first because it sprays lighter than the actual color it ends up being. But the color adjusts nicely a few minutes after it sets.

The ‘setting’ part is key… this foundation sets in about 10 seconds. So you have to have it blended out (I do recommend that you blend it. I saw a few videos on the internet where folks did a ‘spray and go’ and ended up looking really ‘masky’) before it sets. You can use a very dense fluffy foundation brush (or one of those horrid duo-fibres) to get the job done.

For purposes of this post, I blended out with my fingers:

A word about the coverage. It’s full. It’s serious. And if you use too much, you end up looking like you’re wearing a foundation mask. It’s not completely weightless… I did feel this foundation on  my skin. Once it sets, it doesn’t move… even on my oily skin. I was paranoid throughout the day and pulled out my mirror to blot — only to discover that I didn’t need to. Used properly (and sparingly), this foundation looks amazing, especially in pictures. I’d definitely recommend it for brides, editorials, and headshots. It loves the camera.

I wore it in an FOTD (and used my Cover FX fluffy foundation brush to set it):

Diorskin Airflash Foundation (500)
NARS Multiple in G-Spot
Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder (Bronze-01)
Chantecaille Save The Sharks Palette:
Great White Water shadow on lids and under waterline
Great White Fin shadow on inner corners
Guerlain Retractable Pencil in Gold on waterline
Burberry Effortless Mascara
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Suspense

FOTD: Haughty Neutral

I pulled two of the most neutral shades from the new Haughty Eyeshadow Collection, Confidence (matte) and Beauty (shimmer)

I layered them with Strength (black matte) for a simple look.

Kanebo Sensai Foundation (204.5)
Koh Gen Do Face Powder
Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey
Haughty Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Confidence (lashline to brow)
Haughty Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Beauty (lids)
Haughty Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Strength (lashline)
Chanel Eye Pencil in Taupe (waterline)
Volume de Chanel Mascara
Chantecaille Lipstick in China Rose
Now, after eight hours of wear, there was no creasing… but there was some fading. I wore these shadows with no primer. So it’s possible that primer will help them stay put longer.
8 hours later:

FOTD: New Angle

I dove into the Kanebo Sensai Foundation…and put on very sheer layers of it and the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate. And the I took the picture from the other side, because I wanted to show off the results of my Skin Regime (I’m in the middle of the boot camp) skin:

Kanebo Sensai Velvet Foundation (204.5)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Ginger)
Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate (Intensity 1)
Chantecaille Save The Sharks Palette:
Grey Reef Eyeshadow on Lids and under waterline
Grey Reef (center) Eyeshadow blended through crease
Black Tip Eyeshadow along lashline
Guerlain Retractable Pen in Gold (#1) on waterline
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Chanel Lip Pencil in Copper Brown
CK One Lipstick in Braniac