A/W 2016: Chanel Sublimage Foundation

I decided to take my time and try out the new Chanel Sublimage Foundation. It’s allegedly suited to dry mature skins, with a sheerer coverage. My skin is decidedly NOT dry, and this foundation really worked to bind itself, and totally stayed put with no real help. I tried a primer a few times, but honestly the foundation works fine by itself. The initial coverage is sheer, but you can easily build it with fingers or a Beauty Blender.

This foundation comes in a lovely gold box. The jar (so unsanitary) is glass, and it comes with a brush, which I believe is an attempt to justify the $100+ price tag. It doesn’t. The brush doesn’t work and sheds all to be damned. You’re better off with fingers or a blender honestly. I prefer this with fingers. The jar is awful for sanitation reasons. It comes with a raggedy piece of plastic masquerading as a dispensing tool, that does more to frustrate you than anything else.

I ended up with the shade 50, which is the darkest shade in this formula. It looks a hideous flat brown in the jar, but actually applies with a distinct yellow undertone.

You see it applies light, then merges to cover and brighten without going ashy. I found that depending on what colors I used, it did the same to my overall complexion. When I wore cool colors, everything brightened. When I wore earth tones, everything kind of merged together. While this is interesting, it does take some getting used to.

One thing is for sure: the finish is definitely radiant. Even with a light dusting of powder, my skin glowed. People kept asking me what was up, so kudos for truth in advertising. The foundation holds better with a primer on me (6-8 hours), and minimal blotting.

Is it worth the hefty price tag? No. But it’s nice if you’re into that sort of thing.

Chanel Lips A/W 2016

I’ve been road testing a few of Chanel’s new Lippies for Fall, and so far so good. I skipped over the lipsticks … and not just because they are oddly bright for this season. Because… no. They don’t look impressive and swatched patchy on me. So, pass.

But the new Lip Inks are interesting. They’re meant to answer the rash of matte liquid lipsticks that have all but saturated the market. The formula is thinner (think YSL) and they can kind of be patted on to stain, or layered for a full opaque effect. The color selection leaves a bit to be desired; it consists of brights and reds with different undertones (pink, yellow, and brown). That’s about it. The standouts to me were 150 lip-ink(Luxuriant) and 154 (Experimente).

I also picked up the latest offering in the Rouge Double Intensity line: 102 (Milky Blueberry). I was honestly kind of skittish about the Lip Ink colors, and the blueberry is much closer to a berry look that would be perfect for the season.

All of the formulas are noteworthy. They look scary to apply (the pigment factor is pretty high) but they really aren’t. I’d recommend a steady hand and a light touch to start. I had no problem putting on the colors without the help of a brush or a lip liner.


As you can see, Luxuriant is a strong strawberry pink on me. Some people were describing it as plum, but that’s not a reality on my warm skin tone. Milky blueberry is much more of a cool plum on me, and Experiemente is my perfect shade of brick red.

I haven’t tried Experiemente in practical application, but I’m over the moon at the results from Milky Blueberry and Luxuriant:

The colors wear absolutely gorgeous, and they LAST. I ate and drank all day in Milky Blueberry and aside from a little wear in  the center, it held strong. Same for Luxuriant. So far I’m a happy camper. I don’t care for the rest of Chanel’s seasonal offerings; honestly these were the standouts for me.

FOTD: Chanel Charming

I dug into the Chanel Charming Palette. To really pull up the dusty purple color, I popped a purple paint under it to bring up the tone.


Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation (I 100)

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC 35

Chanel Loose Powder (Dore)


Mac Paint Pot in Half-Wild (lids)

Chanel Charming Palette:

Dusty purple on lids and under waterline

Satin Beige on Browbone

Chanel Gri Gri Eyeshadow in crease

Guerlain Kohl Me Kajal on waterline

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


YSL Glossy Stain in Pourpre Prevew

*I left my brows untouched because A) there’s a ton of color around my eyes and I didn’t want to take the definition any furhter and B) any addition of color or shape to those brows would have turned me into Herman Munster. They’ve since been trimmed and shaped.* 🙂

Eye Adore: Chanel Eyeshadow Palette (Charming)

While other Holiday Collections are going all Shimmer & Shine (I’m looking at you Dior), Chanel opted for a more ‘subtle’ interpretation of the season. It’s a throwback to simpler times, when Chanel wasn’t fighting to keep up, and didn’t feel the need to douse EVERYTHING in sparkles and glitter for the Holidays. *I’m STILL recovering from that Feerie loose powder. Pink Glitter everywhere… ugh.*

Case in point: The  new Eyeshadow quint in Charming.

There is nothing obnoxious about this quint. In fact, I’ve heard many complain that it’s too subtle. I disagree. I am over the moon at the fact that there are more satins and mattes, and only ‘one’ complimentary shimmer. And the shadows are so silky, that not only is the pigmentation ridiculously high, there is NO fallout. Brilliant.

The first photo is without flash (which better reflects the true color of the shadows), and the second is with flash (the purple color on the end is not even remotely that pale in real life, under natural lighting).

Love the quilted pattern. Makes the eyeshadows look as soft and lush as they feel. The quality of these shadows is really unmatched. It’s often a challenge to get matte colors right. Chanel seems to have found the magic formula.

Do not be fooled by the second swatch from the left. The color is my flesh tone, so it just had an interesting time trying to show up on my skin. The last shade on the right is more of a matte eggplant… there are definitely some purple undertones. This is a refreshing change for Chanel, whose purples and plums tend to be a bit more vibrant, and less ‘dirty’ in hue. I love it.

The Charming Quint is limited edition, expensive ($80), and currently available on the Nordstrom website.

A Funny Thing Happened…

…while celebrating a Birthday.

Hubby completed another year over the weekend, and wanted to celebrate by seeing his favorite comic over-thinker and taking a trip to Frank & Sons (ya’ll don’t know nothin’ ’bout that) for a mini shopping spree.

So we headed out to the Comedy Club to see this guy:

I decided to incorporate one of Hubby’s favorite clothing items into my look for the night:

This one is actually mine (I can’t fit any of his). I got it for a song (read: $20) at M. Fredric. It worked.

Makeup needed to be dressy enough to rock that hat (and Fendi cage heels that I’ve actually had long enough to qualify as vintage), but practical enough to survive the 102 degree heat (yes, really).


Hourglass Mineral Primer

Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation (Amber)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Ginger)

Michael Kors Bronzer (Glow)

Becca Blush (Wild Honey)


Chanel Sable Emouvant:

Gold on inner lid

Brown on outer lid and under waterline

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (lashline & waterline)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Armani Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick in Ambiguous

Tom Ford Lip Gloss in Pink Guilt

We respected the comedy club’s two item minimum and ate absolute garbage for dinner (it was a celebration… so what the heck), including an Apple Pie Pizza that was more pizza than pie. Afterwards we headed home, but dipped by the hood to get some random crap from Walgreens. A Maybach in the parking lot had the store all a dither… apparently Puffy (P. Diddy? Puff Daddy? Who knows what he’s calling himself these days) decided to swing by the hood too.

Maybe he needed a toothbrush.

FOTD: Blue Beetle

Wow, is all I can say. Once again, Armani performs above and beyond expectations…


MAC Face & Body (C6)

Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder (Golden Orange)

MAC Blush in Stylish Me


Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow in Blue Beetle (lids)

Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (outer crease)

Louise Young Eyeshadow in Ting (browbone)

Chanel Eye Pencil in Taupe (waterline)

Volume de Chanel Mascara


Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick in Bashful Blush

Eye Adore: Chanel Single Eyeshadow (Gri Gri)

The single shadow in Gri Gri is one of my favorites from the new Chanel Superstition Collection. The neutral mauve shimmer is flattering on a wide range of skin tones. I’ve heard some people describe it as taupe, but I definitely get more of a mauve from this finish. It tends to pull more purple than brown… which would be a more accurate description of taupe.

Gri Gri is likely dupeable, but I instantly fell in love with the texture and finish of this shadow. I also love that I can layer it over or under another creme or powder formula, to increase the intensity. I did a smoky eye on a client with Gri Gri and matte black… and it came out stunning.

The swatch is a single pass using just my finger. One of the cool things about this color is that you can vary intensity with brush density or size. I’ve been having a ball playing with different ways to wear this color.

You can find out more about Chanel Single Eyeshadow in Gri Gri HERE.