Scene & Heard: Pre-Golden Globes Pampering at Bokaos

We’re smack in the middle of Awards Season (Emmys past, Golden Globes present, Oscar future), and every nominee, guest, and seat filler is getting pulled, primped and preened for perfect pictures. 
With the Golden Globe Awards less than 24 hours away, I wanted to do a little pampering of my own. So I accepted an invitation to the Bokaos Aveda salon. As soon as I entered, I was blown away by this amazing space. The triple-tier salon features a posh waiting area on the ground floor, a full service hair and makeup space on the second floor, and private rooms/beds for massages and facials on the loft/3rd floor. The whole space is beautifully lit and is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Okay, I know that doesn’t make sense. There are gorgeous statues and serenity art all over the salon, and the lighting is medium (not bright). But Top 40 music is pumped in over loudspeakers, so the mood is very ‘upbeat’ at the same time. You’re kind of in the unique position to pick your mood. You can go either way, and it’s totally fine by everyone around you. 
 While other guests were getting shampooed, foiled and blown dry… I was treated to a hand massage by the lovely Janmarie, as I sipped on Licorice and Peppermint Tea (which is amazing by the way. I must get more of this to stock in my own kitchen). She then led me upstairs to a private room for the most awesome facial!
She started by having me pick my fragrance. I chose Chamomile (to try and calm my nerves. I’ve been a hyper little kitten lately). She used the Aveda Embrighten Line (fused with Grapeseed Extract) to address the scarring on my skin. I picked after the detox (I  know… bad bad BAD Shahada!), so I’ve been dealing with hyperpigmentation and scarring.
I think the facial was only supposed to be half an hour, but it felt longer. It was awesome… I was in absolute Chamomile scented heaven. I nearly fell asleep while she worked on me. Then she placed a towel over my face, tiptoed out  of the room… and a massage therapist tiptoed in.
She used what I believe is the Aveda Rosemary Mint lotion (which sends you through a myriad of changes and sensations)… first on my back, then my arms, then legs. Omg I was tingly (and initially freezing) all over. But as my body adjusted, I started to get all warm and cozy… and sure enough, I went right to sleep.
I came to as the therapist tiptoed out and shut the door. It took me a minute to get my bearings… I was really relaxed and not too keen on getting out of the bed just yet. 
By the time I came downstairs to join the rest of the world, I was in a relaxed haze. It was awesome.
I went right home and immediately went to bed. I wanted to preserve that feeling for as long as possible.
If my experience was any indication of the regular routine at Bokaos, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back… soon.
You can find out more about Bokaos Aveda Salon HERE.

Essential Spotlight: Chamomile Oil

Organic Essential Chamomile (second only to Lavender) is likely one of the most used essential oils in the Habibi Bath & Body product line.

Chamomile is most commonly in two forms: Roman and German.

Roman chamomile essential oil is the sweeter and more gentle (in fragrance) of the two.  It is also known as English chamomile, sweet chamomile and garden chamomile. It’s cultivated in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco and France.

German chamomile essential oil (stronger scent) is also known by the names of blue chamomile, Hungarian chamomile and single chamomile. It’s mostly cultivated in Hungary, Egypt, Eastern Europe and France.

Both Roman and German chamomile have excellent calming properties, but Roman chamomile is a more effective ‘mood booster.’ It calms irritation and impatience… it’s also reportedly good for treating PMS and other menstrual and menopausal problems.

German chamomile  is really effective on the skin. It contains azulene, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It doesn’t just soothe and calm skin; it’s also known to heal the skin, and help with tissue regeneration.

Both chamomile oils are extracted from the flowers by steam distillation.

We use a proprietary blend of both organic essential oils, to both soothe your skin… and soothe your senses.