Best Foot Forward: Butter London ‘Rock Off’

It’s been warm here on a pretty consistent basis, and everyone is sporting flip flops and sandals…

Special thanks to my friend Hillary for finding the answer to my problem of keeping my feet ‘sandal ready’ between pedicures. Sometimes, those little foot paddles just don’t do the trick, and I am NOT up for crusty toes!

She introduced me to this:

I use Butter London polishes all the time, but never paid attention to their hand or foot care. I was lamenting how much I can’t stand using those little paddles to get my feet right, and Hillary instantly recommended the Glycolic Callus Peel.  Her feet look great all the time, and she swears by this stuff.

Here’s how you use it: You rub that lil’ roller ball all over the bottom of your clean… dry feet. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then you take the dreaded foot paddle and loosen all the dead skin. Rinse… and you’re done! I’d recommend a moisturizer right after rinsing and patting dry. The first time I did it my feet felt REALLY dry.

But it does work. I do it on the ‘in between’ weeks between pedicures… to keep my feet looking soft and ‘just stepped out of the salon’ fresh.

Good Girlfriends are hard to find. Good Girlfriends with awesome beauty knowledge are even more rare. I’m grateful to have mine!

Lip Service: Butter London Lippy in Snog

I’ve been dying to try these. Ever since I saw them advertised as the perfect companion to Butter London’s fabulous nail polishes… I’ve wanted to get one.

I finally snagged the Lippy in Snog:

Of all the colors, this one looked the most flattering on me. These glosses are REALLY opaque, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a color. Definitely try before you buy.

Looks REALLY bright, right? But it settled nicely and warmed up on my skin tone. Turned out to be very flattering…

Love it. You can find Butter London Lippies at your local ULTA, or HERE.

ULTA Mini Haul

Nothing like a 20% off coupon to get me into ULTA to see what’s what. I didn’t do much damage. Just a little mini haul…

Butter London Nail Polish in The Old Bill
IMAN Cosmetics Blush in Allure
IMAN Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Shimmering Velvet
I was worried that the nail polish was going to have a ‘flat’ shine… but was happy to find out that it’s actually a 3-dimensional shimmer. Love it… definitely doing the whole hand (well, both hands) this weekend.
I love this blush! Thank GOODNESS for testers because I would have never gotten it without testing it first. It’s like a peachy bronze on me. Gorgeous. Totally works as a ‘warm’ blush that gives my face an overall glow.
I originally got this gloss because I thought it would be a nice companion to the Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick. But it’s so opaque, it wears very nicely on its own. It’s a lot darker in person. I feel like the flash ate the color. I thought it would be more of a berry color… but it’s shot through with a LOT of gold and a bit of brown. Lovely.
That’s my little mini  haul! See… not too ridiculous. 25 bucks (cashed in my ULTA points as well)… not too shabby.