Giveaway: BURN Candle (Tiare Coconut Milk)

We’re admitted candle snobs. One of our FAVORITE brands is BURN, and we thought now was a good time as any to share our love for this amazing candle company!


We’re giving away one 12 ounce 3-wick candle in Tiare Coconut Milk, to a lucky blog follower!


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Out of Body Aromatherapy: The Best Candles

We love to get our Aromatherapy Fix with an awesome candle. We’re particularly fond of candles that use soy wax (burns clean, and there’s no ‘burning’ smell when you blow the candle out)… and of course, essential oils.

Topping our list of favorites:

NEOM Organics Sensuous Home Candle:

It contains, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli. You’d think such a blend would result in a overpowering fragrance… but that’s not the case. This candle is warm and sensuous, and a little bit fruity.

Perscription: Burn for one hour in the evenings, or anytime you need to block out the noise of the rest of the world.


BURN Balinese Woods Candle:

We’ve burned through about 3 of these candles at the HABIBI studios in the last year or so. The scent is strong, but not overpowering… and conjures visions of a Far East Spice Market. The ingredients are amber, teak and patchouli. It will fill a medium to large space with fragrance within about 5 minutes of being lit.

Prescription: Burn anytime you need to be ‘transported’ to an exotic land far, far away….


Diptyque Epinette Candle:

We are typically NOT fans of anything that smells like Pine, or Spruce, or any cheap imitation of what the ‘Holiday Season’ is supposed to smell like. But this candle changed everything. It’s crisp and clean, and really ‘freshens’ up any area. Anytime the studio is too ‘stuffy’ feeling or smelling, we light up this candle to ‘clean’ the air.

Prescription: Burn anytime you want to ‘freshen up’ any given space…


Archepelago Ribbons of Love Candle:

For the girly girl…
This feminine blend of pink grapefruit, clementine and pomelo. But instead of bright and citrusy, it burns distinctly soft and nearly floral. This candle has been given as gifts to family and friends so much, that we’ve lost count of how many have been purchased and exchanged over the years. It’s a definite favorite.

Prescription:  Burn whenever you need to get in touch with your feminine side…