First Look: Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation

Is this new? I think it’s new. I’m honestly too lazy to find out, because it’s totally new to ME. The last Burberry product I got was the Cashmere, and since abandoning full coverage and matte finish foundations, it barely gets any love.

But I hauled my tail all the way out to Topanga Mall to see about the Fresh Glow Foundation because I didn’t want to buy it sight unseen. Y’all remember what happened with me and the Cashmere blend in Almond, which had me running around looking like a damn pumpkin. The next shade up, Camel really looked too light. But it applies and merges beautifully.

Not one to assume that Burberry is going to keep the same undertones in this foundation, I decided to put my hands on it in person. Sure enough, the Almond looked perfect initially and Camel looked WAY too light. I swatched them both… waited for someone to help me… waited some more… and finally started making eye contact. Every damn salesperson around me seemed to be occupied with the most high maintenance people… OMG. Just asking asinine questions and sucking all the air out of the entire department. I honestly felt bad for the sales people. Tough job. I could never do it.

So I got tired of waiting and went into the stock drawers to fetch the foundation myself and BAM! Like magic, this tiny person with every single Burberry product on her face at the same time appeared before me.

Mofos love to show up like magic when they think you’re gonna steal something.

Anyway, she’s super helpful and trying to sell me on the A/W collection (which I’m not interested in), and then informs me that she’s just an MUA for the brand and can’t actually ring me up. Fine. I head over to Armani, pick up the primer (which I’m still on the fence about) and have THAT PERSON ring me up. Now to be fair, Burberry at Nordstrom in Topanga is ALWAYS raggedy. Always. Ever since my girl Alise left, these fools have never had a steady person in that area who specializes in the brand. There’s always some poor soul from Dior or Chanel fumbling their way through explanations, and they never know where to find stuff. That’s how I  knew where to find the foundation… because I’ve starred in this D-list movie before.

To the foundation itself… it’s good. It’s sheer to slightly medium coverage, and it’s demi-glow. Not full on at all, but I’m okay with that because I don’t want to look like an oil slick. It binds to the skin and sets beautifully. It’s what I wanted the MUFE water foundation to be before it curdled on my skin and literally slid off. I hate that stuff.

Camel starts out too light, but adjusts in about five minutes and merges in with my skin tone. I like it a lot. I do NOT recommend this for anyone who’s looking for coverage. This acts as a CC cream that I can tell and does more to blur the skin than actually cover it up. It’s honestly what I’m looking for in a foundation so it works gorgeously for me. I kept the rest of the face simple with Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder in #2 (bane of my damn existence. I can’t believe I caved and bought another one), Victoria Beckham Bronzer and Modern Mercury Highlighter (as blush and highlighter) and then the same two items on my eyes. I know! My GOD I love that collection. I’m considering a backup of Bitter Clove (don’t judge!), which is under my lash line. I smudged a teeny bit of kohl into my lash line and finished with, you guessed it, Armani Black Ecstasy mascara.

Lips are Chantecaille Mirage.

So I’m loving this foundation for regular use. It sets beautifully, feels comfortable, and doesn’t fade like Tilbury’s Magic Foundation did. Keeper.

June Favorites (2013)

Hey Beauties!

Here are the things making my list for the month of June.

Kusmi makes some of the best tea I’ve ever tasted. BB Detox is supposed to help your skin glow with a shot of grapefruit. I don’t know about all of that (I’ve been drinking it for months with no noticeable change to my skin due to the tea), but it is so good! It’s refreshing and perfect either hot or cold. I have a cup a day. Love it.

When I started doing peels for The Skin Regime, I realized how ‘thin’ my skin could get. During a mishap that we shall not talk about (the burn man… the BURN), I did some damage to one side of my face. One of my friends gifted me with this expensive little miracle, and it made SUCH a difference. I was able to repair the damaged portion of my face within 3-5 days, with no residual scarring. Barring any tragedy, I may never have to use it again (I’m much more careful now). Here’s hoping.

This stuff is a lifesaver! Since starting The Skin Regime, I’ve learned a lot about why you should NOT pick (especially with those peels). I’ve had much fewer breakouts (like one pimple… maybe two a month), and I’ve been using this stuff to take care of them. I scar with benzoyl peroxide, and this has tea tree oil in it (which I use anyway), and yarrow oil to deal with discolorations. Plus, I can dab a little on, let it dry, and put foundation over it, and you’d never know it was there. It creates a barrier between the offending pimple and makeup, and works all day without me looking like a dork wearing zit cream.

Whew… THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. If you’re looking for full coverage that does not move, this foundation has me sold six ways from Sunday. It’s insanely effective. When I did Alakazia’s show, I wore this with the Hourglass Primer, and sported a perfectly flawless foundation for 9-12 hours. No joke. I can’t say enough about this foundation. And even with the full coverage and amazing setting power, you don’t look like a flat canvas. The finish of this foundation is ‘radiant’ — even for us oily girls. And if a little oil manages to seep through… no worries. It just adds to the overall glow on your face. I can see this being a problem for drier skins, so a healthy dose of moisturizer is recommended for you beauties. But oily girls will love this. It’s freakin’ amazing.

And if you really want to take that natural (not shiny) radiance to the next level, dust a bit of the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Powder over it. It has absolutely no shimmer, but still works to make the face look as bright and alive as possible. It comes in four shades (plus a highlighting powder). The shade in 01 matches my skin perfectly, so this powder would work better as a matte bronzer for fair skinned beauties.  

Chanel Blush in In Love is not new… but it remains one of my favorite peachy blushes of all time. I’ve been using it so much lately, that I wonder what caused me to set it aside in the first place. It’s a perfect compliment to a ‘fresh’ makeup… it livens up any look without making me look too ‘done.’ I’m so glad this wasn’t a limited edition color. I feel like this is one of the best blush colors that Chanel makes, to suit a wide range of skin tones.

Keeping with Chanel… I feel like they have finally mastered mascara. Volume de Chanel is the best mascara they’ve ever made. Period. It’s amazing. I’m on my second tube (and I rarely repeat buy mascara) and I’m more in love with it than ever. I hope they keep this around forever (and maybe even do away with some of their earlier attempts). It’s that good.

This has easily become my favorite Burberry lipstick of late. Golden Peach is so flattering… I can put it on without a mirror and go on about my life. It’s completely effortless. It’s been getting tons of play lately, especially since my schedule has picked up and I can no longer dedicate a significant amount of time to doing my face on a regular basis. I can put this on as a final touch, and run out the door looking like I spent more time than a little bit getting it right.

That’s it! Those are my favorites for June. Ciao for now!

Nordstrom Trend Event: The Burberry Gift

All of the beauty brands had gifts with purchase… consultations… gifts for saying hello… yada yada yada.

One of the most awesome gifts came from Burberry:

This insanely awesome makeup case (in rosy pewter) came with a makeup bag, a concealer sampler, three sample lipsticks (copper, antique pink & rosewood), a Kabuki brush, and an illuminating cube.

So cool. To the makeup counters that were handing out little bags of (normally free) samples with purchase… take note. THIS is how you give a gift.

Lip Service: Burberry Golden Peach

Peach colors are so on my radar right now. These days, I’m loving the fresh picked shade even more than my traditional orange (perish the thought)!

I think I’m so happy with the peach selections of late because they actually pull ‘peach’ on me (not pink). My new favorite lipstick is Golden Peach from Burberry:

This a ‘lip cover’ — so the formula is slightly more opaque than the lip mist. It also has more of a satin finish… so there’s less shine.

See? True peach. This color does amazing things for my complexion. I absolutely love it. You can find out more about Burberry Golden Peach lipstick HERE.

FOTD: Burberry Nude

Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench #10
Burberry Concealer in Sandy Beige
Burberry Fresh Glow (mixed)
Burberry Face Glow in Russet (blush)
Burberry Single Eyeshadow in Gold Trench
Burberry Effortless Mascara in Noir
Burberry Lip Mist in Copper

April Favorites

Hey Guys,

Here’s what’s topping my list for the month of April.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Treatment.

OMG this stuff WORKS! It’s the most gentle, non-intrusive, non-threatening blemish treatment I’ve ever used on this sensitive skin of mine… and it WORKS. It’s ridiculously easy to use… just put a little on a cotton ball and swipe over clean skin. Any acne that you have starts to dry up wihin 24 hours… my skin was ‘flat’ (no bumps) within 72  hours… and dark spots (I have hyperpigmentation) started lightening up by the end of the week. I MUST get more of this before I run out. They ship from the UK so I can’t be completely out by the time I order. I cannot recommend this stuff enough. Get into it!

Becca Luminous Skin Colour. (Nut)

This will be my Summer foundation… no doubt about it. It’s the sheerest coverage you can imagine… but when you put it on, it reflects light and makes you skin look flawless. It beats Senna’s Barely Base for three reasons: 1) It has an SPF of 25, 2) It is completely weightless, and 3) It comes in an insane range of skin colors with special attention to every conceivable undertone. I love it.

Armani Fluid Sheer (6).

This is my favorite of the new Armani Fluid Sheer colors. The coral-orange color just screams summer… and it’s shot through with just enough gold to give you a ‘glow.’ It’s easy to use… I tap it on bare skin or mix with a little foundation to hit the ‘blushing’ points of the face. Perfect for warmer undertones… but can be used from pale to dark skin…. with just a small adjustment in the amount used.

Burberry Eyeshadow (Gold Trench).

This is the perfect eyeshadow… to look like you’re not wearing any. I know, sounds like a waste. But it’s not. On pale skin tones, Gold Trench adds a natural ‘smoke’ that looks really effortless. On warm skin tones… it adds a glow. The color is incredibly neutral and flattering. Good Stuff

The Balm Tinted Lip Gloss (Ruby My Grapefruit).

I’ve been using this lip gloss for YEARS. I can’t tell you how many tubes I’ve gone through. I discovered it in the dusty back of a local beauty supply store (back before anyone had even really  heard of the brand), and fell in love. It stings like DuWop but not nearly as much… leaves your lips soothed and ‘puckered’ all at once. There’s just enough color to enhance your face… and it’s so easy to put on that you don’t even need a mirror. This is the only color I’ve ever liked. There are tons more to choose from, but Ruby My Grapefruit has always been my favorite.

That’s it! Those are my favorites for April. Ciao for now!

FOTD: Sheer Color

Since my skin is doing a bit better (the zit is gone! the zit is gone!), I went sheer for a quick FOTD:

Becca Luminous Foundation in Nut
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
Armani Fluid Sheer in #6 (blush)
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Burberry Single Shadow in Gold Trench 
Burberry Effortless Mascara
Burberry Lip Glow in Mallow Pink