Professional Grade: Cold Beach Shoot

(Model: Yonah Eveline
Photographer: Bryan Frank)

Mother Nature decided to just fog things up for my photo shoot over the weekend. I got to work with the lovely Yonah again… such a JOY. She’s the consummate professional. Despite the crappy weather, she took the most lovely pictures.

With Bryan (photographer). Look at how OVERCAST it is! SMH. I was too through.

 I was busy playing photographer’s assistant, so I only snapped these pictures. We got done in record time (I was able to make all of my appointments for the rest of the day with no rushing). HUGE thanks to Bryan and Yonah for braving the craptactuar weather for me.

When the finished photos are ready to be published… I’ll share them here. Ciao for now!

My First Group Shoot


One thing happened, and then another thing happened, and someone said something to someone else… and the next thing you know:

I’m half of a team effort to pull off a Group Shoot in Downtown LA, in a record seven days.


Here’s where we’re doing it:

Does that picture look familiar? Well, it might be because I showed you before, when I gushed about Greyscale Studios. Same Place. New owner. And so it goes…

I’m teaming up with one of my favorite photographers, Bryan Frank, to make it happen. I have one other Makeup Artist and one Hair Stylist. I need AT LEAST two or three more. Two would be good, three would be perfect.

All this going on and on and I haven’t even told you the most important stuff.

A ‘group shoot’ is a promotional venture… this time we’re doing it to promote the venue. Sometimes, it’s to promote the photographer, or the model(s), or the makeup or hair people. It’s a labor of love; we tend to NOT get paid for this sort of thing (so all the folks who have fibbed to me a little bit and told me that you typically get paid for group shoots… you’ve probably forgotten that I’ve worked with you on these kinds of things before… but it’s all good). We’ll do it to help out a friend, or to help boost someone’s portfolio. Most of the participants in this particular shoot already have very healthy portfolios and typically get paid (a lot) for their work. They’re doing this as a favor to me, and I TOTALLY APPRECIATE THEM FOR IT. They know that I need help, and that I’ll happily return the favor if they ever need help from me.

So that’s it.

Lot’s of stress, planning, emails to send, and lots and lots of begging to do. We’ll see how this pans out.

Naturally, I’ll take a ton of pictures (and introduce you to some of the most awesome photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with)!

Ya’ll light a candle for me and pray that I don’t screw this up…