Haulage & Swatches

So, I swapped the pinky lippies for the brown and the red… and now I’m ready to road test them for longevity! These glosses have a bit of the same feel as the Rouge d’ Armani lipsticks (which last all day), so I’m thinking that Armani found the magic bullet for staying power.

On the left, Brown 200 and on the right, Rouge 400

These swatches came out so much better on my arm than on my lips. But I did both anyway…

It was IMPOSSIBLE to take a picuture of the red with a flash… the color and shine just blew the flash all the way out… it was tragic. So I took a pic without the flash, and it came out better. The red is OPAQUE… reminds me a lot of Beaute’s Masochist.

I’ll road test these babies to see how long they actually last. So far I like them… a LOT.