Giveaway: Summer Essentials (CLOSED)


I wanted to put together a ‘summer essentials’ kit…

So, say if you could only pack one kit and you needed a little something for every possible look, this is what you’d take:

From the left:
Iman Essentials Palette in Cote d’Azur
Rodial Glam Balm Wipes
Chanel Extrait Lipgloss in Insouciance (nude)
MAC Marine Life Blush Highlighter
Guerlain Shimmer Bronze Oil
MAC Shimmer Bronze Oil
Iman Essential Palette in St. Tropez
**I included both bronzing oils because they have two different finishes. I find that the Guerlain Oil works better on the body, but you can use the MAC oil in the hair… gives amazing highlights so that you can be ‘sun-kissed’ from head to toe!**
Close Ups:
It’ll all be packed up in this fabulous Dior Makeup Bag:
I tried to pack it (and kind of failed) so that you can see what it could look like:

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Guerlain Summer 2011: Bronze!

I know… the Spring 2011 collections have barely had time to take hold. But while we’re busy swirling bright colors and blending them together, the minions at Guerlain have be busy setting up the next covet-worthy collection:

To be fair, some of the items in this collection are repromotes. I’m fairly certain that any lippies and kohls are already in circulation. There is an eyeshadow allegedly coming too. But I haven’t seen it. But I DID see the items in this picture. My favorite Guerlain person EVER (Hi Lydia!) caught me passing by and gave me a peek at at the summer preview (which she already had for sale). Guerlain only sent her a few of each thing. I didn’t see that foundation (in the tube in the picture… DYING to try it out), but I saw all the new terracotta bronzers. They come in a range of colors. I’m not really sure what to make of that oil, and the tan booster… yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t need that. I was born with my tan.

But I DID see this:

It’s supposed to be a nourishing dry oil. I don’t know how ‘nourishing’ it is, but I don’t really care. Here’s why:

Ummm… do you see ALL THAT SHIMMER???!!! A shimmer bronzing oil… YAYY!!! And it’s a dry oil, so it won’t stain your clothes like some of the others on the market. It would be terrible of me to tell you guys about this and not mention the smell… LIKE.HEAVEN. It smells like Summer. Omg. Love!

That’s just on the back of my hand (which was wretchedly dry). It’s LOVELY. And the bottle is big. Lydia showed me the tester and I was like… ummm.. PASS. The tester is about one ounce. But the actual bottle for sale about three times as big. It comes in a solid glass bottle with the signature Guerlain wooden top. The packaging just transports you to some random island.

I’m not waiting it to warm up before I use this summery goodness. Rain or no rain… I’m using it right now!