Guerlain SS/16: Terracotta Bronze

I’m a little late putting this up… what with Mother’s Day weekend and what not. Guerlain released its latest addtion to the LE Terraccotta Bronzers and this one does not disappoint. It’s darker than it’s predecessors, and leans more toward Terracotta Brunettes. In the past, there’s been a distinct ‘pink’ hue to the bronze portion, but this one is very brown and slightly orange, with a coral highlight and a gold overlay.

guerlain bronze 1guerlain bronzecanvas

The brush is sold separately and is totally not necessary but c’mon look at it! Sooo pretty. A girl and her makeup…


guerlain bronze 2.jpg

The outer color is on the left, and the coral center on the right. Until that gold shimmer fotd guerlain bronze 1comes off (I might just get rid of it completely before using it again), the finish is VERY golden.

It lends a ‘soft focus’ to the face that’s really beautiful. On my warm skin it’s more complementary than contrast. But I recommend getting rid of the golden overlay so that you can harness the full potential of this bronzer. Otherwise you end up with more gold than anything else.

Why are my brows bushy again? I JUST got them done last week. SMH I blame yoga. You know inversions make the blood rush to your hair follicles and hairs just grow all disrespectful and out of control. Damn Downward Facing Dog. Thank goodness I don’t have a beard ’cause I’d be a straight cave woman by now…

Glow On: Prtty Peaushun Skintight Lotion

This is one of those ‘where have you  been all my life’ products for my kit. Most ‘warm weather’ photo shoots require some kind of body making up. With the models in bikinis or little bits of clothing, there’s a lot of skin showing. And since I like as ‘little’ work done in post as possible, I’m always trying to make sure the models are made up to perfection, from head to toe.

Enter Prtty Peaushun:

It’s a light reflecting lotion, that also has a temporary ‘tightening’ effect on the skin. This is not to be confused with full on body makeup. It’s more of a non-transferable tinted moisturizer. The ‘non transferable’ part is what really got me. Nothing worse than bronzing down a model, only to have the bronzer rub onto the clothing or furniture or walls and what not.

I was sent the Prtty Peaushun lotions in Medium and Dark. I’m a combination of the two. Medium is a dead ringer for my skin tone, but nearly disappears when I put it on. Dark gives me more of a ‘bronzing’ effect. The combination of the two makes me ‘glow’ without looking like I’m actually wearing anything.

The interesting thing about the packaging is that it’s designed to let you squeeze out every last drop. In pictures, I was worried that the packaging would be too flimsy, but I’m happy to report that it’s pretty freakin’ sturdy.

Another plus… you get a LOT of product. I think the creators took into consideration that you’ll be using this on your whole body, so they adjusted accordingly. I’m always tickled by ‘body glow’ products that come in little tubes or bottles. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that… just hit the hot spots?

This is what the Dark lotion looks like up close, coming out of the nozzle…
That’s what it looks like just before it’s fully absorbed. Now, once it sets on the skin (about 20 seconds), it looks more like this:
I ran around with it on during an 8 hour call, and I’m pleased to report that it never moved. I actually forgot I had it on until I went to take off my makeup… and some remover dripped down on my arms and pulled up the product.
I also used the medium shade on 3 of the models, and the darker shade on one of the models, in the cover shoot for Agenda Magazine:
 You can see they’re not OBVIOUSLY bronzed or discolored in any way. I think that Prtty Peaushun lotion makes you look like YOU on your best day (with maybe a little bit of a tan/glow). Good stuff. I really like it. 
You can find out more about Prtty Peaushun products HERE.
*pr sample

FOTD: Pale Stuff

Using only the ‘pale’ portions of the new NARS Autumn 2011 Collection… I gingerly pulled together a pale face. I have to be careful with pale colors on my warm skin tone… as there is a fine line between ‘pale’ and ‘ashy’…

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14)
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in Clair
NARS Orgasm Blush
Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Tribal (brows)
NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Grand Palais (pale color only)
Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow in Peachy Keen (browbone)
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Eyeliner (lashline)
Chanel Eye Pencil in Rose Platine (waterline)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
NARS Lipstick in Pago Pago

Makeup By… MURAD?

The skin care company Murad ( is known for treating skin complaints at the cellular level. The company’s founder, Dr. Murad, believes in the healing properties of water, and the importance of hydrating both inside and out.

Now, it looks like Murad is venturing into the world of makeup.

A lovely journalist was given an introductory package, and she in turn paid it forward to me. She figured, with my makeup background, I could make heads and tails of it. Here’s what I got:

Inside, there was a ‘double’ surprise. On the top, there was the new makeup line…

And on the bottom, was a complete ‘anti aging’ skin care line!

I dug into the makeup portion of the package, anxious to see what the chemists at Murad had come up with:

This concealer is simply called ‘dark’. Boy, is it ever! It’s supposed to be a concealer and a blemish treatment in one. I can’t use it on myself, but I can certainly use it on my warmer toned clients. I love the idea of a concealer doubling as a treatment.

This is probably my favorite part of the collection. The skin perfecting primer behaves like the ever popular ‘Beauty Balms’ – without the whitening agent. I was first worried because the color was so fair…

But the primer blended out beautifully on my medium toned skin, and disappeared!

Next, I tried the bronzing boost. It’s hailed as a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15 and ingredients that promise to firm and help keep skin healthy.


I love the idea of makeup doubling as skin care… you guys know that. I’m really interested in trying the primer. I’ll road test everything and report back. Ciao for now!