Professional Grade: Curlie Girlies

I headed a photoshoot for AGENDA Magazine over the weekend. I was working with only 4 hours of sleep… OMG. It probably could have been a nightmare. But once again I am reminded of the joys of working with professionals who show up, exceed all expectations, and don’t bring any drama to the job.

The models were PERFECT. The first pictures are mine… I took them with my little bootleg camera.

Meet Brittany…

…and Briana:

Both models were STUNNING, and have a head full of truly covet-worthy hair. Even our Hair Stylist Bianca was like: That’s it… I’m wearing my hair full and natural!  LOL

Photographer: Jeff Linett

I told both of the models that they are now in my permanent roster. I’m not kidding. It’s rare that you find such a combination of beauty and professionalism. I’m so thankful to everyone who participated in the shoot… you truly made it worth the time (and lack of sleep). We’ll definitely do it again soon!