Cool Weather = New Skin Routines

With temperatures dropping for the Autumn/Winter season… it’s time to beef up the ‘moisture’ portion of our skin care routines.

During the warmer months, we can get away with using a scrub alone, and going on about our business… and maybe a little lotion  here and there.

But cooler months mean a greater need for heavier balms and creams, to help our skin really hold on to moisture an stay soft.

Our favorite nighttime routine involves combining the Habibi Body Scrub and Body Balm.

First you shower (like normal), then follow with Habibi Body Scrub on clean, damp skin.

Then you rins,  pat dry, and apply a generous layer of Habibi Body Balm. Then go to bed.

The next morning… your skin will be like SILK.

You can even mix it up by combining different fragrances of Scrub and Balm. We have a few customers who are fans of combining Mandarin and Tahitian Vanilla. They say it leaves them smelling like an Orange Creamsicle (remember those?)

Try this routine… we’d love to hear how it works out for you!

HABIBI Facebook Giveaway!

Habibi Facebook Giveaway

In celebration of all things ORANGE, I want to do a HABIBI FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY!

I’m going to put together Habibi’s bestselling items, in our MANDARIN fragrance. Here’s the prize:

Habibi Organic Mandarin Body Bar

 Habibi Organic Mandarin Body Scrub

Habibi Organic Mandarin Body Lotion

Habibi Organic Mandarin Body Balm

Now, all you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is LIKE the Habibi Bath & Body Facebook Page, and leave a comment. If you already like the page, just leave a comment. If you’ve tried the product, feel free to talk about it. If not, just let me know that you’re entering the giveaway.

I’ll choose the winner from FACEBOOK LIKES ONLY.

Like always, it’s open internationally.

The winner will be chosen on May 15th. 


Scrub Scrub Scrub!

The skin requires three simple steps: Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Moisturizing. Most people know the steps, and perform them regularly for face care. But somehow, body scrub always seems to get lost in the mix. If I had a penny for every time someone asked me ‘why’ they should use a body scrub…

Just like your face skin, your body skin needs occasional exfoliation. Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells, and reveal fresh skin underneath. The process helps everything else in your skin care routine work better… especially your moisturizer. It also helps to even out skin tone, and give you an overall ‘glow.’

And scrubs are not limited to gender… it’s good for everyone!

Salt vs. Sugar

Which is better? That all depends on you. Salt scrubs tend to have ‘detoxifiying’ properties; salt helps draw out impurities in the skin. But salt can also be a bit harsh on the skin because the granules are typically larger and more jagged, so if you’re worried about that sort of thing… stick to sugar.

Sugar granules tend to be smaller, and ‘melt’ onto the skin. Both salt and sugar scrubs are typically blended with some kind of oil, and sometimes bound with honey… and maybe an additional fragrance. Our formula uses nut oils, organic essential oils, pressed petal oils, and raw honey to get the job done.

Scrubs are always the ‘second step’ in a skin care routine… so you should always apply them to clean, damp skin. Scrub on dry skin tends to ‘pull’ and hurt… and no one wants that. After you wash your body, apply scrub all over (except the face)… rinse… and pat dry. That’s it!

Unless you have really dry skin, no additional moisturizer is needed. Sugar scrub will typically provide enough moisture to keep your skin soft throughout the day. Using a scrub once or twice a week is recommended.

Getting Ready for 2012

Habibi was formed in 2003, after a dear friend of mine insisted that I start making good use of my mother’s formulations. I’d been blending balms and scrubs for years, and giving them away as gifts. But after a little prodding, a lot of research, and a lot more start-up $$$, Habibi Bath & Body was formed.

Since then, the company has slowly gathered a cult following… we enjoy an extremely loyal, repeat customer base. Most of our clients are on a first name basis, and we’ve begun to anticipate their needs in terms of fragrance and formulation.

Now, we’re looking ahead to 2012, and that means lots of changes, updates, and possible discontinued items. We’ve got a pretty good gauge on what our customers want, so we’d like to focus on that.

Here are some of the new pictures, set to hit the site in 2012…

 Our Body Scrub
Our Body Balm

 Our Men’s Body Lotion