See and be Seen… Networked Blogs

Hey guys,

I added yet another way for you to follow the blog, in the absence of my GFC gadget. Blogger STILL has not addressed the issue with this blog, so I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

According to GFC there are 1252 public followers on this blog. I can see each and every one of you (even if you can’t see it… I can see it on my Dashboard). And yes, I am keeping track for the Clarisonic Giveaway (winner will be randomly selected and announced after 2000 public followers)

So, if you’re not satisfied with following by email or worried about me seeing you on GFC, you can see yourself with the ‘networked blogs’ button that’s now on the blog page.

However we can, we’re going to make this work!

Thank you everyone for your patience with this mess. I truly appreciate it.

Subscription/Following Issues

Hey Guys,

I’ve been getting emails (and the occasional tweet) about not being able to follow the blog. When Blogger exploded last week, that was one of the many issues that was never resolved. I’m not the only blogger having this problem.

We’ve been told to drop the gadget and then re-add it, and even upgrade Adobe to make it work.  None of it has worked for my blog.

So, I’ve included a ‘subscribe by email’ button so that you can follow the blog that way. I can actually see the followers in my dashboard, even though they are not displayed publicly.

I’m really sorry that people are having such issues with my blog. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

Blogger: Chopped and Screwed

Happy Friday everyone…

Well, it looks like in the madness that caused Blogger to shut down, more than just a few posts (my last two posts and comments have been deleted) were lost. My new blogger address (which I paid for) also seems to ‘not exist’ at this time.


I guess I should see about getting my money back.