Eye Adore: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner (#7)

I’m late to the party on this one…

When Make Up For Ever released their Aqua Liners I was like ‘ehhhh’… not really interested. I’m not a fan of colored liners, and how many black liners do I really need? But recently, while on the hunt for a purple liner, I tried on the MUFE version in #7 (Blackened Purple).

In a word… WOW.

This little sucker is awesome. You can see the color is a black-based purple with purple shimmer. I’m not a fan of the applicator (unsanitary) so I can only use it on myself. I’m not driving myself nuts by dipping a brush in the bottle.

I will say that the applicator lets you get the most precise line with little to no effort:

That’s ONE SWIPE across the lashline. Easy peasy.

And the formula is unheard of regarding staying power. I had to break the liner down with oil to get it to move! And that was with some effort. It is totally waterproof, and wears perfectly all day. I’ve already roadtested it.

I give MUFE credit for this one, they got the applicator on lock. If you’re only using it for yourself, this liner is certainly the way to go. I try to multi-task my products so I am a little puckered about it, but not much. I may go back for the teal one… and maybe I COULD use one more black liner…