Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer… Swatches and Stuff

As promised, here are the swatches of the Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer in Roxanne:

Totally blended out, it gives the skin a lovely ‘glow’ without going shiny or glittery. I really like this stuff. Had there been another one on the site, I would have totally gotten a backup.

I also got the only pressed powder they had left (in the color Velvet), which is too dark to use regularly on my skin, but works perfectly as a contour:

See? I can totally use it on clients with a warmer skin tone, and on lighter skin tones it’ll do nicely as a contour.

I got both for a grand total of $20. Totally worth it.

Lip Service: Brown and Rose and Red all over

Here are a few new additions to my lip collection. I thought they were worth mention for the best and worst of reasons; One is not what it seems, one is exactly what it seems and the last exceeds all expectations.

Bobbi Brown Black Garnet:
Likely the most interesting addition to the Bobbi Brown Black Velvet collection, Black Garnet Lipstick is neither black nor garnet. Its actually a shimmer brown, both in the tube:

…and on the lips.
I don’t even mind that it’s a shimmer brown. But heaven forbid someone think they were getting anything remotely close to black or garnet… let alone Black Garnet. It’s a pretty pedestrian color, perfect for anyone who wants a functional lipstick (very creamy and long wearing) with a little shimmer to boot.
My next addition is from Nouba in color #54. It’s a metallic red, that would look good to anyone really looking to play dress up:
It is VERY opaque and metallic, not shimmery. On my lips it translates to a brown based red with a metallic sheen:
One coat does the trick. This lipstick can be drying, so a healthy dose of lip balm before application is recommended. But it wears well and is quite the conversation starter. Like… who besides Katy Perry walks around with metallic red lips on the regular? Really?
My final addition (and my favorite) comes courtesy of Chanel, as part of the Soho Story collection. Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt:
It looks really pink in the tube, but translates a brown based rose on the lips. I found this a little dark on fairer skin tones, but it turned into the perfect nude rose on me:
I dare say it’s my perfect rose. And there’s NOTHING like the Rouge Allure Laque formula. Nothing. This is my sixth color in this formula (Dragon being my first and ever favorite) and it never fails to disappoint. It’s a stain and a lipstick and a gloss (note the sheen) all in one. It goes on opaque and wears for a very long time. 
There ya go. A little lip service on a Sunday. Ciao!

Way to Wear It: Bobbi Brown BlackBerry

Bobbi Brown’s new Black Velvet collection is a mostly uninspiring selection of browns, blacks and a little shimmer. One product really stands out. That’s the BlackBerry eyeshadow:

It’s just beautiful in the pot. Just stunning. Here, take another look:
Now, here’s the rub: NONE of that gorgeous shading ends up on the skin. It’s a black-based burgundy purple. On the skin, it’s really just BLACK:
The shimmer you’re picking up comes courtesy of a flash and other artificial light. 
In natural light, it’s just black.
In order to get the ‘berry’ part of this BlackBerry eyeshadow, you’ll need this:
Makeup For Ever Aqua Cream in #17 (I think. The label is worn off of mine. It’s the berry colored one)
Look at the difference:

You can really see the ‘berry’ in the BlackBerry with a little bit of cream base. It also helps if you ‘pat’ on the color, rather than brush it on. I did an ‘eye’ with it, and failed to see that the other thing you’ll want to be aware of is the fallout:

I neglected to clean up with concealer after application… for the purposes of this demonstration, you’ll just have to forgive me. 
Other colors:
The lightest pink color from the Chanel ENIGMA quad
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner (lashline)
NYX Purple Eyeliner Pencil (waterline)
YSL Faux Cils Mascara
With the cream, I really like this shadow. It (along with the Black Garnet lipstick) are my favorites from the Bobbi Brown Black Velvet collection. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of Bobbi Brown foundations and bases. In that department, the brand really can’t be touched. But these latest color schemes tend to be a bit pedestrian. This latest collection is a foray into more drama… but the formulation is a bit chalky and requires a lot of patience for application. 
I’m going to keep at it with this BlackBerry. I imagine that with a little imagination and a lot of patience, I can do beautiful things with it.