Eye Adore? Ultraflesh Black Magic

Some time ago, the Ultraflesh ‘Black Magic’ Eye Liner set caught my eye. I haven’t been able to properly road test it until now. To be honest, the jury is still out. It’s a genius idea: merging the best of all products meant to create the perfect eyeline. The set includes powder, gel liner, and pencils… and comes packaged in a compact case so you can use one, or two, or all products to create your perfect look.

The box is pretty awesome…

The case is pretty awesome too…

Slide back the top portion of the case, and you’ll find the powder shadows… one matte and one shimmer:

The next level of the case holds a gel liner, and a small angled brush:

And the final level of the case holds two pencil eyeliners, one matte and one shimmer:

Here’s why the jury is still out: I’m not completely sold on the quality of these items. It’s a good value ($39 for the case) because of the amount of product provided and the versatility of the kit. But, none of the quality is enough to move me. The shadows are basic, the liner is mediocre, and I think that you can do better with the pencils by picking up any drug store variety.

It’s a good idea if you’re a massive fan of the kohl or heavily lined look and simply want the convenience of having all those products at your disposal at once. But if you’re really interested in just using one (or two) items to achieve your look, then this is a pass.

You can try/purchase Ultraflesh Black Magic here: http://www.sephora.com/ and decide for yourself.