My First Group Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Here are a few shots I took when I remembered to pick up the camera. We were BUSY! But the girls looked amazing, and I think everyone had a really good time:

 Setting up.
Dari is busy cleaning up her station. She’s so much neater than me. My station was a MESS!
David Harrington finally convinced a model to let him use a crimping iron in her hair!
Makeup Artist Ruby putting the final touches on a model.
End of the shoot for this model… 5 hours later and her makeup still looks good!

Photographer Ken Koller busting a move to some random hip hop song that was playing. Turns out, dude’s got mad rhythm!

That’s it for my ‘behind the scenes’ photos. I didn’t get to take very many. I got a preview of some of the pictures, and they are STUNNING. I’ll share them as soon as I get them. Ciao for now!