Beauty On The Inside: Ashieda Beauty Nectar

This is an interesting concept. The folks at Ashieda have pulled together a rather tasty drink, that promises to beautify you from the inside out by increasing your collagen production.

I have to be honest; I was hugely skeptical when I first learned of this drink. I’m not a fan of putting any strange substances in my body, so I was a little hesitant to try this drink.

My Beauty Nectar arrived in this box, with 10 small bottles of the magic drink. 
Each bottle is about an ounce, and actually tastes pretty good. It’s sweetened with fruit juice. The secret to this drink is in the ‘collagen’ in the formula, which comes from cows. Vegetarians and Vegans need not apply… this definitely contains animal products.

So I drank one bottle a night, as instructed. I didn’t have any adverse reactions, and my skin is smooth and sporting a lovely glow. Now, remember that I’m in the middle of The Skin Regime, so that might  have something to do with it as well. But the peels from the regime make my skin really ‘thin’ and when I started drinking this nectar, I found that my skin recovered between peels a LOT faster. That might have something to do with the collagen in the formula.

The good news is, this drink did me no harm. It tastes great and it’s a snap to drink before bedtime.

The folks at Ashieda are doing a lot more than this drink. They make a collagen mask that is now a regular necessity in my beauty routine. 
This mask leaves my skin SO SOFT, omg. I love it. It’s one of those pre-constructed masks that you lay on your face. You wait a bit, then remove it, and the results are absolutely amazing.
I also swear by this little vegetable sponge:
I use this everyday to take off my makeup. Works like a charm. A little bit of makeup remover oil and this little sponge takes off every trace. I imagine it’s like my beloved Clarisonic, but in manual form. I  use it on the days when my skin is a little sensitive (happens from time to time). It’s excellent. Mine is starting to fall apart, so I’m due to order a new one very soon.
You can find out more about Ashieda Beauty Products HERE.