Save The Date: Shahada & Space NK!

WHEN: Thursday, November 17th — 6 to 8pm
WHERE: Space NK Apothecary, Bloomingdales @ Fashion Square Mall (Sherman Oaks, CA)

So, the planets lined up or some such… and the folks at my local Space NK decided to build an event around me. I believe they’re going to start doing ‘blogger’ related events, and well… I’m the first pancake. So they’re going to try it out with me and see how it goes!

The general idea is to showcase my favorite items from the store, my ‘must haves’ and generally get folks together to talk about all things beauty and makeup related. We’ll have a photographer shoot the event, and it’ll definitely go up here on the blog… and maybe even the beauty section of Agenda Magazine!

What’s in it for you: Possible freebies… I know there’s something about prizes for a contest, if you can answer a Shahada/Space NK related question (I’ll post the answers here on the blog the day of the event). There is also the opportunity to learn about and test brands that you may not have  heard of, or thought of trying out before. One of the things that I love about Space NK is that they gather brands from all over the world and showcase them in one place. I’ve personally learned a lot by frequenting the place.

They’re also talking about doing manicures or something, but don’t hold me to that. We’re still working out the details. All we REALLY want is for everyone to be comfortable, and have a good time.

There will also be a gift with purchase, but you are NOT obligated to buy anything. The event is totally free.

So, if you’re local… and you’re free for that evening… come on by! I’ve love to meet some of you guys. No airs… no pressure…  just a bunch of folks getting together and talking about beauty. Hopefully I’ll see you there!