FOTD: Black n’ Red

Today, I wanted something dramatic, but wearable… not too over the top. So I went heavy on the liner and mascara, and red on the lips.

Guerlain Parure Extreme (Dore 24)
By Terry Blush Terrybly in Beach Bomb
Chanel Highlighter in Rose Merveille
By Terry Eyeshadow in Pom Pom & Blackbear (brows)
Chanel Eyeshadow in Beige Lame (lashline to browbone)
NARS Eyeshadow in Mekong (outer crease/under waterline)
By Terry Crayon Kohl Terrybly in Black Print (lashline/waterline)
YSL Shocking Mascara
YSL Rouge Pur Shine in Red Strass

FOTD: Bronze Stuff

Quick and bronze and a little smokey today. It is the last day before I finally get this eyebrow situation addressed… so this’ll be the last time I look so scrappy about the brows (well, until the next time I look so scrappy about the brows):

Guerlain Giant Mosaic Bronzer
By Terry Terrybly Blush in Beach Bomb
MAC Pigment in Old Wine
Stila Smudge Stick in Onyx
Dior Blackout Mascara
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

By Terry: Summer 2011

Soliel Terrybly
(bronzer/tinted moisturizer)
Blush Terrybly
Beach Bomb
Aqua Liptint

The Summer 2011 collection from By Terry is about as luxurious as they come… with all pieces from the collection doubling as skincare. The bronzer acts as a hydrator and color corrector, the blush promises to give the skin ‘radiance’ and deposit essential moisture to replump the cheecks, and the aqua lip tint promises to hydrate and soothe lips with a healing blend of rose extracts and botanicals.

And this collection is as expensive as it is luxurious… the radiance blush in Beach Bomb is $70. I took a look at it last night, and as Amanda rang me up, I saw her eyes widen in shock. lol But, due to a MASSIVE incentive from Space NK, I paid a mere fraction of that price. Despite its extreme price tag, the blush is the most noteworthy piece of the collection. I have more bronzers than I’ll ever use in a lifetime, and I almost bought the tint (after getting my Space NK discount), but decided against it at the last minute. It didn’t help that a former employee pulled all the stock out of the boxes (thinking they were testers) and tossed the packaging! I wasn’t too keen on just buying an exposed tube of product.

Anyway, back to the blush…

 Now, I tried taking this picture with flash, but the product casing would NOT cooperate! It’s such a shiny silver, that it kicks the flash back and blows out the picture. No amount of lighting adjustment would fix it. So this particular picture is a bit ‘dark.’ Not to worry, I got shots of the product inside, which more than make up for this little technicality.

Look at that! Is that not the most amazing coral blush? And despite its rather bright hue, it goes on very soft. I wore it today, and was amazed by how soft it went on.

The quilted pattern on this blush is just amazing. I was so worried about ruining it, that I didn’t swatch it right away. But after using it today, I realized that you have to do a LOT of swatching before the pattern is disturbed. So, swatches are coming… I promise!