By Terry: Be Mine

Okay, this is a bit much, even for me:

You see that beautiful blush in the picture? Lovely, right? Yeah, it’s $197.00!!! Yes, you’re reading that right. That little blush (By Terry Blushes are traditionally small) is damned near $200. That’s about on par with Chanel losing their minds with that Byzance Eyeshadow Compact (I know ya’ll remember that madness from last year) and having folks pony up $250 for it. I can’t lie… I considered it… for about 5 minutes. It sold out by the way… by the end of the launch day.

I will spend serious money on makeup. Everyone knows that. But this? This is… nah uh.

I’m sorry, $200 for a blush is too much. I don’t care what it claims to do. It’s too much. It’s a BLUSH. Now, is someone going to buy it? Absolutely. Otherwise, they wouldn’t charge that much for it. Clearly, there’s a customer base out there for a $200 limited edition pink/coral blush.

Clearly, I’m not part of that customer base.