Sleek Summer 2011: Swatches

Here are swatches from the Avoir La Peche Collection:

Pan Tao Blush
Paraguaya Palette (with flash) from left:
Top: Parfait, Blush, Cameo, Persian Orange, Peach Gold, Sandstone
Bottom: Bellini, Redstone, Persimmon, Tangelo, Bittersweet, Stone
Without flash.
I noticed that some of the mattes swatched a bit ‘chalky.’ However, when I used them on my eyes, I found that they applied smooth and blended out (and into each other) with absolute ease. Those of you fond of primers: you will likely NOT need one with this palette, especially with the mattes. I don’t use primer, and those mattes stayed put on my face (without going muddy) all day.
Ciao for now!

Sleek: Summer 2011


Seriously… Sleek is blowing away the competition with every new release. The Summer 2011 Collection: Avoir La Peche is no exception:

The colletion includes an i-divine palette, tinted lip balm, and blush.

The beauty of the palette is that it’s mostly matte. Out of 12 colors, 8 are matte. Only 4 are shimmer.

Look at that! It’s all corals and peaches, with two matte browns and a bisque color. No matte black. Looks like Sleek got the memo about always including a matte black in the palettes.

The Pan-Tao blush. It’s a deep matte peach. It’s GORGEOUS!

Sugar May tinted balm. 

Just trust me when I tell you, it’s SO flattering. I really love this collection. I’ll swatch everything (and maybe even do a face) in the coming posts. Currently I’m car shopping, so that’s taking up most of my life these days.

This collection is definitely covet-worthy. I love it! Sleek has done it again.