Armani Autumn 2012: ‘Yeux Teint’ Face & Eye Palettes

Armani upped the ante on the Autumn/Winter season, by offering a face and eye palette in two classic combinations. Each features three eye shadows and a blush/highlighter. I was skeptical about these palettes initially, because I sometimes feel that limited edition makeup offerings (particularly palette combinations) can be a little short on quality. But these do not disappoint.

What is most noteworthy about these palettes, is the absolute silken texture of the shadows and blushes. The shadows nearly feel ‘creamy’ – they are so soft. Just wonderful. These shadows have officially given Chanel a run for its money.

 The palettes come in two colors: Neo Black, and Neo Brown. The ‘black’ version has what some are calling a ‘bronzer’ as the blush (only on the most pale of skintones would this ever be considered a bronzer). The ‘brown’ version features a very pale pink blush.

Both palettes have a ‘neutral’ eye shadow selection. The black version features two shimmers and a deep matte black shadow. The brown version features two mattes and a shimmer. The middle brown matte is more of a warm chocolate, while the darkest colors is more of a dark ash brown. I can easily see using the darkest color as a brow color.

Once again, it’s worth noting how silky these shadows are. I am really impressed by the quality of both palettes. I tried to choose between them… and alas, I could not. So both came home with me.

It turns out the most popular palette was the Neo Brown, at least at my local Bloomingdales. I ended up getting the last one. Both palettes are very wearable, but the Neo Brown version may be the most practical.

Neo Black is on the left, Neo Brown is on the right.
Neo Black
Neo Brown
Neo Black (Eye Shadows)
Neo Brown (Eye Shadows)
(Neo Black on left, Neo Brown on the right)
These are perfect for regular use and EXCELLENT for travel. The palettes are compact and you can do a lot with just one palette. I’m officially in love with these. Armani truly outdid itself. You can find out more about Yeux Teint Face & Eye Palettes HERE.

FOTD: NARS Autumn 2012

I know it’s been while since I did an FOTD… life gets in the way. I’ve decided to try and do one a week. That way, I’m not rushing, and I’m not sacrificing anything else to get it done.
Anyway, I decided to use the Vente Glace duo for my first foray into the NARS Autumn 2012 Collection.

with flash
without flash (looks totally different, right?)
By Terry Cover Expert Foundation in Warm Copper
By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat in Apricot Sable
Illamasqua Blush in Expose
NARS Vente Glace Duo:
Smoked Silver on Lids
Light Silver on Inner Corners
NARS Mekong Eyeshadow in crease and under waterline
Hourglass Script Eyeliner on lashline
Armani Waterproof Silk Eyeliner on waterline
Hourglass Mascara
NARS Lipstick in Autumn Leaves
I’m working on getting better lighting. When I turn the flash off, I get much better definition in shading and coloring, but I lose the light so I looked ‘shadowed.’ But I find that the flash blows everything out and you really can’t see the colors and gradation properly. Ehh, I’m working on it.

Eye Adore: NARS Autumn 2012

These are simply awesome. Like the Lip Collection from Autumn 2012, the NARS Eyeshadow Collection is well thought out, silky, pigmented, and long lasting. I am so impressed this season. NARS really did well.

High Society                   Vente Glace
High Society
Vente Glace
I absolutely love both of these palettes. Vente Glace is such a surprise. That darker, smoky silver color is just indescribable. I really don’t think that pictures do it justice. And the lighter color is shot through with the palest iridescent blue… just amazing.
High Society features a surprisingly pigmented lavender. I honestly did NOT expect it to show up that well on  my warm skin tone. Lavender tends to disappear on me. The green shade is more of a ‘dirty green’… very Autumn-like. And the purple is just a bit shimmery, but not over the top.
If you’ve never used NARS before, these palettes are a fabulous introduction. You can find out more about these palettes HERE.

Lip Service: NARS Autumn 2012

NARS has released a nearly perfect collection. No, I’m not kidding. The multiple is a little meh, and I’m not a fan of the Outlaw Blush, but otherwise… the new shadows and ALL of the lip products hit it out of the park. This collection is rich and pigmented, and I am in LOVE.

I’ll begin with the lip products. Every single one is a winner for me. This is a ‘brown based’ lip collection. Somewhere in internet-world, a fair skinned blogger is screaming bloody hell because I feel like this collection was specifically designed for warmer skin tones. The brown base will make these colors go ‘muddy’ on many fair skinned beauties. Sorry ladies. You might be better suited to Chanel this season. Those colors are much cooler. NARS is distinctly warm for the coming season.

From the left: 
More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
Autumn Leaves Lipstick
Amsterdam Matte Lipstick
Tribal Rouge Larger Than Life Lip Gloss
More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
Autumn Leaves Lipstick 
(my favorite of the bunch)
Amsterdam Matte Lipstick
Tribal Rouge Larger Than Life Lip Gloss
I love them ALL. Autumn Leaves is truly my favorite… you know I never met an orange I didn’t like. This is like Amber, with a shot of orange and gold. Just lovely. 
You can find out  more about NARS Autumn 2012 collection HERE.

Autumn 2012: Chanel Les Essentiels

In the dead heat of Summer, Chanel has already released a very ‘Autumn-like’ collection called Les Essentiels:

I sometimes wonder if they’re trying to keep up with the likes of MAC, by releasing a collection every few weeks.I can’t imagine that this is a sustainable practice. While it constantly creates a collecting frenzy and keeps Chanel on everyone’s lips… it seems a bit expensive and exhausting in terms of long term business practice. It also lends a ‘flash in the pan’ feeling to a brand that ought to be well beyond that. Anyway…

Blush in Rose Initale, Lip Pencil in Amarante, Eye Shadow Quad in Premiere Regard

This is what I thought was the best of the collection. There are also six single eye shadows (mostly dupeable shimmers), three nail polishes, two lipsticks (both glittery), two glosses and two eye pencils (including a glittery silver… whyyyyy with the glitter?), and the strangest glittery (apparently overspray) highlighter I’ve ever seen. Chanel does not do glitter well. Why they insist on trying to force it into a collection every now and again is beyond me. They are best at ‘subtle’ finishes, I think. They’re great a shimmers and semi-matte finishes. And they always seem to shine with Autumn and Spring collections in particular.

I swatched this blush quite heavy. It’s a very soft cool rose color on me. I think it works perfectly for Autumn. It’s not an over the top color. I feel that it will work to bring a look together, rather than stand out on its own.

This is probably my favorite piece. Now, I’m an admitted sucker for Chanel Quads (they are simply unmatched in terms of quality and pigmentation). I think they succeeded in conveying a very cool ‘Autumn’ feel with this color selection and finish. There was some push-back on the blogosphere about the color selection. Many people seemed to be hoping for deeper colors and stronger (shimmer?) finishes. But I really like this color scheme. And that peachy beige just runs all over MAC’s Brule (my go to base shade). The formula really adheres to the skin. I also love the idea of ONE shimmer in the quad… instead of a quad of shimmers or a quad of mattes.

This is more of a brown-based plum shade. I think you have to have a particular kind of coloring to pull this off. I feel like unless you’re trying to convey a distinct Vintage finish, this pencil is better suited to warmer undertones. I feel like beauties with cooler undertones might end up looking like an 80’s throwback. Now if that’s what you’re going for, have at it. That certainly seems to be what’s going on in the Promo Picture for this collection. But if not, I’d go with a more ‘pink’ based plum color. This color is perfect for me (I have yellow and orange undertones), so I snapped it right up.

That’s it! Those are my favorites from the new Chanel Autumn 2012 Collection. Ciao for now!