Agenda Magazine: Autumn 2011

The new issue is here!

In this issue, an interview with the owner of Haughty Cosmetics…

…some tips on how to take care of your hair, during the Autumn and Winter seasons!

… and Deconstructing the Smoky Eye:

Shocking Behavior from YSL

I got a chance to play with items from the new ‘Shocking’ YSL collection:

Love the promo picture… very clean and bold. I initially was only interested in the Shocking Mascara… but I’ve since expanded that interest to the other items offered in the collection:

The pen is noteworthy. It goes on very black, and dries to what I believe is a latex finish. I don’t have as much control of it as I do the Kat Von D version, and I think that this pen dispenses a lot  more product at once. I know I’d  have to practice with this to get it right.

Love the mascara! It’s designed to volumize and lengthen in one swipe. No dozens of coats of mascara to get the job done.

These gel-liners… OMG. I really thought that I wasn’t going to care… but I swatched them and they are GORGEOUS! There are only two pots that are pedestrian to me: the purple and the olive green colors. Everyone has those, and YSL doesn’t do anything much different than the other companies in terms of color and shading. But the black, the grey, the blue, and the green are insane! They’re all black-based color, and the pigmentation is intense. Plus, the shimmer is ‘in’ the product… not just in the pot. So when you put it on, you maintain that same integrity in terms of depth and shimmer. Love that!

I’m going to have practical pictures, swatches, and application this week… so stay tuned. Ciao for now!

Bobbi Brown: Marrakesh Chic

I love this picture. It’s clean and fresh and effortless… and has a nice vintage feel to it. For the coming cool season, Bobbi Brown has opted to go a bit ‘warm’ and sheer. Nice choice.

All of the eyeshadow colors are pretty pedestrian… and highly dupeable. So I don’t suggest that you rush right out and get something that you can probably find cheaper. But what I do like is the IDEA of putting these shadow colors to use for a sheer and really wearable look.

I’m going to dig around my makeup kits and see what I can come up with on my own. I love that promo pic. Definitely unexpected, in a season where most companies are going with heavier and more defined looks.

Purple Stuff: Chanel Sophisitcated Eye Collection

I think I’m done with the current Chanel collection… I think.

I picked up two more pieces from Chanel… including one that I was so sure I was going to pass over:

Chanel Intimitable Intense Mascara in 50 (purple), and waterproof eye pencil in Taupe.
Both of these items are pretty impressive. I was fairly positive that the mascara would not move me (I haven’t been a fan of Intimitable), but one FOTD later (pictures coming) promptly changed  my mind. And the Taupe pencil is deeper in color than I’d anticipated, and the staying power is noteworthy. I really like these items.

Pretty color! Now, I thought I’d done a swatch, but apparently not. It’s coming… I’ll do another in the near future or just show it in the coming FOTD.

I found this mascara to be more ‘plum colored’ than the Armani version (which is how I justified buying it). It’s warm and pretty, and the formula really BUILDS the lashes. I like this better than the standard Initmitable. Good stuff.

You can get both the pencil and the mascara from

Mini Haul: Autumn Color Shopping

Have you guys ever shopped according to ‘theme?’ Sometimes, I find myself in a ‘mindset’ about certain colors and formulas, and seek out new ideas and products to mirror that mindset.

Recently, I spent some quality time with my Baby Sister (, and found some lovely additions from several unexpected brands:

Buxom ‘Lip Tarnish’ got my attention, partly because of the name… and partly because of the formula. I have one of the automatic lipstick/pencils from this line and found it to be pigmented and moisturizing and healing with a ‘hint of mint.’ I’d never seen these Lip Tarnishes before, so I decided to give them a closer look. I ended up with the color called ‘Busted.’

The pencil comes with a sharpener… love that. No stressing about getting the point back after you use it down.

I love this formula and this color. It comes out a reddish/brownish/coral on me. The color reminded me of a ‘red sunset. It’s unusual enough to really set it apart from other lip colors. I feel like it may even change color depending on what I pair it with. As you can see, it’s a bit of a ‘gloss’ pencil, and gives off a moisturizing and shiny finish. Highly recommend this one. I got mine at

Next, I came across the Cargo Blush in Laguna:

This is one of the strongest peach blushes I’ve ever seen. It’s strong and matte… a little goes a LONG way. I was impressed with the density of the color, and the blush’s ability to stay distinctly peach, and not go pink or orange. I was instantly reminded of Autumn leaves, and the color they turn just before they fall…! Awesome, right? I swatched it with a medium firmness… and got this strong color. I’d advise using a VERY light hand with this blush because it can go on really strong. I was thoroughly impressed with the depth and density of this formulation. Kudos to Cargo… they really got it right with this one. You can get this blush at (

Finally, I fell in love with Shiseido’s Shimmering Rouge lipstick in RS 308 (Iron Maiden):

Despite its name, I didn’t find this formula or this color to be very ‘shimmery’ at all. And I have to say, I’m rather happy about that. What I did find is that it’s a sheer to opaque wash of color in a very moisturizing formula.

I love this slightly pink/slightly purple hue… it reminded me of the color you might find in an Autumn Sunset. I got mine from

That’s it! That’s my ‘Autumn Color Shopping’ haul. Ciao for now!

Lip Service: Guerlain Autumn 2011

There has been much in the way of reviews, hauls, and swatches of the new Guerlain Autumn 2011 makeup collection. I have to say, most of the collection left me flat. I was not moved by the eyeshadow quads at all. What DID impress me were the new lipsticks:

I think the formulations of these new lippies are even better than the originals (which are pretty darned good, by the way). The texture is richer, and the color really ‘grabs’ your lips.

I ended up with the lipstick in #70, which is a rich berry color:

 This is one of those times to blame the flash; the color is actually even deeper than that in person. It does take a little effort to put it on (much drier than, say, YSL Rouge Volupte), but the color payoff and staying power is totally worth it:

At $45 a pop, these lipsticks are NOT cheap. There’s a lovely selection of colors though… one to complement every skin tone. I really like it… but I’m going to have to re-evaluate my budget if  I intend to make a habit of purchasing them.

FOTD: Autumn Inspired

The day began really cool and very Autumn like… so I pulled out a little sage, a little orange, and a pair of falsies for the occasion:

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14 and #15)
Guerlain Meteorites (Dore)
Armani Blushing Fabric (Sienna)
MAC Eyeshadow in Studied Brown (brows)
Armani Eyshadow Palette in Jacquard:
Lightest Green on Browbone
Medium Green in Crease
Darkest Green on lid and under waterline
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero (waterline)
Smoke & Mirrors Beauty Lashes in Miami
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
Ellis Faas Milky Lips (L204)