FOTD: Eyes To Kill & Reflects Antique Gold

I’m not sure  how this worked out. It seemed like a good idea at the time:

Now, the flash just ATE the reflects antique gold… but it’s there. I was sparkling all freakin’ day. Eventually, I gotta get a light kit or something because the flash is just the death of some of these looks. *sigh* Anyway, here’s what I used:

Armani Silk Eyeshadow in #13 (lids)
MAC Reflects Antique Gold (lids)
Armani Mediterranean Palette: 
Bronze in the crease
Pink on the browbone
Stila Smudgestick in Onyx (waterline)
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
Guerlain Paurue Extreme (Dore 24)
MAC Cheek Color in My Paradise
Shiseido Lip Crayon in LC5

Lip Service: Shiseido Automatic Lip Crayons

So, I sent the MAC Big Bounce Shadows back to whence they came… and got my money back. It’ll no doubt be recycled back into the company when Surf Baby hits the scene. Meanwhile… I wandered over to the Shisedo counter, and instantly fell in love with their Automatic Lip Crayons.

What’s interesting about these jumbo lip pencils is that they are neither gloss nor velvet. They’re just… color. The stick seems moisturizing (like a gloss) at first, but quickly sets as any normal lipstick would. Trouble is, it also dries out your lips if you don’t moisturize ahead of time. I learned this the hard way.

Since I feel like there is no lip color that I cannot dupe, I set out to find one in the line that I actually didn’t have. I ended up with LC5: A perfectly balanced warm toned peach.

Looks pretty orange, right? It’s not. It goes on a distinct peach tone. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am ever on the quest for the perfect peach anything. It’s hard to get peaches to stay ‘peach’ on my warm skin tone. They all tend to pull either orange, or pink. But not this time:

This is a really good color. LOVE! Keeper.