Audrey K, Besame & A Giveaway!

I found the most DELIGHTFUL little shop, right near my own neighborhood!

This place is AWESOME! It’s so girly and cute and just full of girly goodness! The whole place is completely adorable. I went there in search of Besame Lippies:

These things defy description. The packing is so artful and so dedicated to honoring Old Glamour… it’s all just stunningly beautiful. Audrey K has these lippies (it’s actually a set), tinted lip balms, and mascaras. I understand that Besame is also launching a new line of foundations that I’ve decided that I just have to try. Here’s hoping the shade range is diverse enough to accommodate all beauties!

Here’s what I ended up with:

Tinted lip glosses in Cherry and Sweet Rose, Lipstick/Pencil/Brush sets in Champagne and Red Velvet, and 1930’s mascara.

Practical application:

Lipstick/Lip Pencil in Champagne (it actually looks more like a dark tan in real life. The flash is causing it to go pink).

Lipstick/Lip Pencil in Red Velvet. This red is more orange than blue based. Very flattering on darker skin tones.

I also found these FANTASTIC little flavored lip balms!

Come ON! How incredibly cute are these?

I love these three little lip balms so much, that I’m paying a set of them forward in a giveaway! We’ll let this one run a week. One winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, March 4th. Good Luck Everyone!

Oh, and before I forget, Audrey K Boutique is in the running to be on the Los Angeles Hotlist. I think this little store TOTALLY deserves the votes! I’m totally voting for them. You can cast your vote (if you wish) at