Tales from the Set: Night Shoot

I type this with  a minimal amount of sleep, but a maximum amount of satisfaction. I’m alive after a last minute photoshoot that meant pulling double duty… playing makeup artist and stylist… and maintaining some direction for the crew to get us in and out at a decent hour.

This is Onna:

This gorgeous young lady is of Egyptian descent… and was perfect for an upcoming spread for Agenda magazine. After many emails and a little coaxing, she agreed to pull an ‘all nighter’ with Alex Barakat (Studio 838 Photographer), Bianca Lauren McMillan (hair), and myself (makeup/styling/shoot coordinator).

She hung in there like a champ while we painted, pressed, pulled and adorned her for the pictures. She has such a great personality and was ever so patient as we coordinated multiple looks for the editorial.

 My goal was to get everyone wrapped by 11pm. We shot the final frame at 10:58pm. Success! We’re exhausted, but happy. I shot these ‘behind the scenes’ photos with hubby’s camera… but I got a preview of the ‘professional’ shots, and they look AMAZING.

Thank you to Bianca Lauren McMillan, Alex Barakat, Onna, Ash Gupta and everyone else on the crew who made this shoot possible, and so beautiful. You guys are AMAZING. I have no idea how we’d have gotten it done on such short notice without you.