MAC: Jeanius

The latest collection from MAC pays tribute to jeans, dating as far back as the 80’s (acid wash, anyone?).

I took a gander at the collection (you guys know I’m not ever just going to hop on the MAC bandwagon and declare all things from the brand great) to determine what is actually worth a purchase. Here’s what I found:

Of the eyeshadows, only ONE is noteworthy. That’s the ‘Stovepipe Black’ which is more like a black based grey. I WILL say that these shadows are creamier than the regular MAC shadows have traditionally been, and are the larger size (like the shadows from the Peacocky collection). But it’s not all good. The white color skips like you would not believe, that light blue is rather boring, as is the denim blue. None of them are particularly pigmented.

Of the blushes, only Cult Pink is worth a purchase IMO. The other color looks like every fuchsia that MAC has ever released. I swatched it and searched for some originality, but could find none. Cult Pink is VERY pigmented and looks good on a wide range of skin tones.

This picture is so misleading. That taupe color (Acid Wash) is not EVEN remotely taupe. It’s frost pink with a taupe/gold shimmer. The middle color is pink… regular boring pink. And the berry color is more of a dark fuchsia with a blue shimmer. Frosty… the lot of them. If you’re not into frosty colors, skip these lippies.

I wasn’t impressed by ANY of the lipglasses. I feel like I’ve seen them all before.

So here is what I ended up with:

Eyeshadow in Stovepipe Black, Lipstick in Acid Wash, and Blush in Pink Cult.

I am not a fan of this lippie used alone. I bought it to use with other lip pencils and to brighten boring lipsticks. As a helper, I think this lipstick will work very well. 
Blush: Swatched Heavy
Partially Blended
Eyeshadow in Stovepipe Black
That’s it! Hopefully, you guys found this info helpful. I highly recommend taking a look at this collection in person if you can… because a lot of it can really be skipped. I figure, three good items out of the collection isn’t half bad. Ciao for now!