Chanel Autumn 2011: Illusion d’Ombre (Ebouli)

I went to see my favorite little sister Amanda, and to get another of the new Chanel cream shadows. I also chatted a bit with Amanda’s Armani counterpart, Katrina. Sheesh, I have GOT to find out what that girl is eating (or not eating) because her freakin’ figure… Good Lord. It’s just not fair.

Anyway, I ended up choosing Ebouli (#86) because I think it’s a good color to test next to Armani’s ETK in #2.

It’s a burgundy/brown color, with just a bit of shimmer. I have to take back what I said about all the pots being glittery. They’re not. This one is more shimmer than glitter, and like the others, it applies smooth and evenly to the skin.

Up against Armani, you can see the difference in pot size, and color saturation:

Armani is on the right. I want to say that these pots hold the same amount of product… Chanel’s version just seems to be more glass, but not necessarily more product.
You can see that the products are milled differently too. Chanel’s version appears very fine, while Armani’s comes off chunky and marbled. 

Swatched alone, Chanel’s Ebouli appears mostly burgundy. I’ve noticed that it can also look like a rich mahogany brown under dimmer light. This is with a flash… and it comes out distinctly burgundy here.

Next to Armani (at the top), the color becomes more brown. Armani’s version almost looks berry… almost purple here. They resemble each other to the naked eye. But on camera it’s a different story.

The Smudge Test:
Alrighty then.
I maintain that the Chanel shadows are not smudge or crease proof. I am learning to work with the formula by applying them over some kind of base (powder or creaseless gel/cream) to give them a bit more body and staying power. 
They’re not perfect… not by a long shot. But they are workable. I’ll have more comparisons in future posts. Ciao for now!