Falling Out over FENTY Beauty


Make some room on that bandwagon… because I’m jumping on board! Rihanna shook up the makeup world with the recent release of FENTY Beauty, and rightfully so. We’ve been stuck in a rut of companies biting off each other (seen one matte liquid lipstick… blah, blah, blah). And one of the most IMPORTANT things Miss Riri did is address the dark-skinned elephant in the room.

All you other makeup companies ain’t gonna worry her.

FENTY released 40… read it… 40 FOUNDATION SHADES. Now most of you know I have been bowing at the altar of DECIEM for this very reason, but the problem with that company is that it is mostly online, so you have to guess at your color. Rihanna upped the ante by releasing FENTY Beauty in every.single.sephora.location. Yep. So no more traipsing across the universe to the one Sephora location in your area with the prayer that they might actually have your shade. The flagship Sephora (Hollywood & Highland) was absolutely picked over in the foundation department. I watched as DROVES of women came in waves one after another, and made a beeline for that display! Everyone was trying to get their hands on something from this brand at any cost. I literally snatched 350 and another color for a client just as a woman was reaching for them. Yes, I know I should be shamed. But I’m not. The sales associate says they get shipments regularly, but the darker shades always sell out within a day or two of being re-stocked.

The whole shade war is a conversation all on its own. Every store has been selling out of the medium and darker shades at record speed. And good luck trying to get it online. Same problem. It’s such a lovely middle finger to all of those makeup companies (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who refused to offer foundations in darker shades because of the claim that they wouldn’t sell. No worries mofos. Beauties would rather give their hard-earned cash to Rihanna anyway. Win/Win. You don’t want them. They don’t want you. Everybody’s happy. Good luck on that bottom line.

I personally waited to really test this foundation. Everything is amazing out the gate, right? We get shiny new stuff and immediately rush to Instragram to declare our love for it. We also struggle to be first, and that can sometimes backfire. Age and experience has caused me to take my time. Hell…. I’m STILL working through the Pat McGrath lippies. But now that I’ve tried FENTY Beauty over the course of about 2 weeks… here are my thoughts.

For me, these are the superstars of the collection. The contour and highlight sticks perform on par with the likes of Burberry, so the quality is good. I just don’t care for them because I don’t use them. The highlighters are a cross between Becca (the duos) and Jeffree Starr (the glitter singles). They are easily dupeable, so unless you just want the FENTY versions, you can find dupes in many other brands.

Let’s talk about this foundation.

This is 350, which is perfect for my Summer skin. I also have 330 for winter. Both have yellow/golden undertones (although 350 claims neutral), which suit me perfectly. The formula itself is on the dry side, with medium full coverage. DRY SKIN TYPES TAKE NOTE. This foundation might actually enhance dry patches on your face. Moisturize for your life before hand. Oily skins will love this formula because it really hugs the face without sitting on the skin and forcing oil glands to produce. It sets in about 10 seconds and adjusts color in about five minutes. It does not oxidize. Those of you who are complaining about that DO NOT HAVE YOUR PROPER COLOR. The color does ‘settle’ over about 5  minutes though. It doesn’t go darker (which is what would happen to oxidization), it shifts the undertones. For example, 350 is supposed to be for tan skin with neutral undertones, but it immediately grabs my yellow undertones and settles beautifully on my skin after about 5 minutes. Because I’m dark enough to pull the ‘tan’ shade, the neutral undertone doesn’t go ashy on my yellow undertones, but instead balances out.

330, which is REALLY yellow, really brightens my skin by targeting just my undertones. But it’s too light at my jawline right now, so as soon as the clouds roll in for winter, it’ll be a better match.

In terms of user-friendliness… Y’ALL. I find this foundation a DREAM to apply with fingers. Honestly, beauty blenders (even that sponge which is absolutely on par in terms of quality with a BB) and brushes are a great way to waste foundation. You need SUCH a little bit to get the job done. I recommend starting with a quarter pump and working your way up as you need it. I can use a quarter pump on my whole face. The formula blends so fast and so easily, you can slap this on in the back of a car (or a dimly lit club bathroom… you know who you are) and be good. I had no issue putting it on in a hurry and going on about my life. I also found that I really don’t need powder on top of it (remember what I said about it being friendly to oilier skins). It’s fine to touch up or blot, but this formula sets so well that it’s not a necessary step.

FENTY keeps the idea of ‘universal beauty’ with the Lip Gloss in FENTY. There is one color that’s supposed to be universally flattering. It appears to be a gorgeous dark bronze shade on lighter skin tones. On me its a shimmery rich bronze/nude. I really like it.

Notable misses with this collection are the blotting powder (FLASHBACK ALERT), and the highlighter in Metal Moon. The payoff on the latter is awful. The other highlighter reminds me so much of the Gold 001 from Pat McGrath that it was a total pass for me. I also don’t care for the brushes (but I’m a brush snob so there’s that), and until someone makes a better primer than the By Terry CC Cream (high end) or Too Faced Hangover RX (low end), I’d be hard pressed to get a new one.

Overall, this launch is a triumph. Rihanna did the damn thing, and she deserves every ounce of praise that comes her way regarding FENTY Beauty. Color this old makeup snob thoroughly impressed.

2 Replies to “Falling Out over FENTY Beauty”

  1. I was honestly stunned that 40 shades were released. New brands just don’t do that. Unfortunately I got shade 400 in gratis which is orange. I tried to get a sample of shade 350 and the tester and shade were both completely out of stock LOL.
    Now I’m not a lipgloss wearer but this gloss is so pretty on WOC. I saw it on non-POC and it just doesn’t compare or flatter as much.

    1. I agree! I think Rihanna used her platform to say I SEE YOU with all those foundation shades, and I really commend her for it. I hope you get your color soon! Sephora is really working to keep up with the restock. I love the foundation. It wears so beautifully and looks like skin. She did a really good job.

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