Troy Surrat Surreal Foundation

I’ve been messing with the Troy Surrat Surreal Foundation for about a week, and I am so frustrated. This foundation is good… no, excellent. It really is. It imitates skin without any weight, and goes from sheer to medium (not full. NOT full) effortlessly. A blemish-free canvas is key for this foundation because it does have the tendency to cling. It blurs, but not in any crazy significant way. What makes it amazing is the fact that it really looks like skin, and it is really weightless. I love it for these reasons.


This idiotic packaging is such a waste. There are several key issues with this crap wand/brush thing: it’s NASTY. So unsanitary. After a few uses the brush is just soaked and floppy and gross. If you clean it, the cleanser can get into the formulation so you end up wasting product because you have to pump out more foundation to get rid of any cleanser ‘mix’ before using it again.


As yellow as this foundation looks, it actually merges beautifully on the blend. it’s kind of magical actually.

Problem is, it’s only .5oz. Most foundations (regardless of price) average 1oz. This half ounce packaging nightmare is $65. Plus, you have no idea how much product is actually in there. There is no window (even black Guerlain  bottles had a clear panel on the side) so you just pump away until there is nothing left to pump. These two issues really annoy me regarding the price. I know that Surrat is influenced by Japanese cosmetics but he seems to have confused cute packaging associated with inexpensive makeup, with formulations associated with more expensive makeup. Since I use everything from Shiseido to Albion, I can testify that this backwards way of thinking of putting something expensive in wack packaging that’s hard to dispense is counter-intuitive… particularly in an American market that offers so much variety.

Barefaced on the left; Surrat Foundation, MAC Lipstick and Armani Mascara on the right

I wish this brand would get it together. Something as simple as putting this amazing foundation in a package that allows ease for the user would go such a long way. It’s like they’re sabotaging the brand on purpose… like when luxury car companies known for gorgeous lines, make the ugliest electric vehicle on earth and then get confused when no one buys it. It’s just such a waste. Do better Troy. Hopefully you’ve started making those palettes magnetic (such a small thing that makes your design team seem deliberately dense… why would you want your powder pans to hit the floor every time someone opened a palette?) since we need them just to use the base products. Waste less money in lazy design, that you may make more on the back end with customers happy to purchase a good formula in practical packaging.