Samples are all Shipped!

Thank you to everyone who participated! The last of the Seven Veils Luxury Serums went out this morning. Thank you guys for being so patient. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!


10 Replies to “Samples are all Shipped!”

  1. Seriously this stuff is magic! People keep telling me I look beautiful and my skin really does look lovely. The first night I put it on I was up watching tv and I got up to use the bathroom and had to take a second look. I hadn’t even slept yet and I started to see the results. I fell asleep Saturday night and didn’t get to use it so I used it under my makeup. I mixed it with my moisturizer and my makeup was AMAZING! Good job this is good stuff!

  2. I forgot to mention the awesome smell. The smell reminds me of Marigolds. It evokes feelings of a spring day. I have had some separation and sometimes I forget to shake it first but even if I don’t my skin still looks amazing. I missed the Veterans Day sale 😢. I do not need to run out of this. And since this is a makeup blog I used it under my Nars Velvet Matte which was my summer foundation that I loved because it was buildable coverage. I planned to go back to something heavier for winter but might end up sticking with it and using over the seven veils serum.

    1. OMG how much do I love you!!!! ❤
      That smell is likely a combination of Neroli and the other extracts. I’m glad you like it!

      I've found that the separation is a natural occurrence but does not affect the formula in any way. We've included a note on the regular sizes to shake before use, but I've used it separated and had the same results. I HAVE found that if it's kept fairly cold, it doesn't separate at all, but that's way too much rigamoro for a serum and I'm not putting people through that. I am so glad that it's working out for you! We are doing 'gifts with purchase' from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, and that sample serum is one of them with a Seven Veils purchase. Just saying… 😉

  3. Hi there! I received the serum you sent. First of all thank you. Secondly, I am amazed that I got visible results after one use!!! ONE USE! I have skin that gets extremely dry and I have a rough and texture on my cheeks and forehead. You know those little bumps under the skin that don’t go away no matter what? Yeah, that’s me. My skin just wasn’t smooth no matter what. I also have some hyper pigmentation due to pregnancy. Well after using this last night, I woke up with smooth cheeks and my skin tone was more even overall. Even my undereye circles were lighter. I loved the creamy texture (it was in my mailbox so it was cold) and the smell was very relaxing. I will come back and update after a week but seriously, hats off on a wonderful product. I used it on moist skin and it absorbed very nicely. I am planning on ordering the full size from your website and I’d like to try the moisturizer as well. I’m holding out until the end of the week in case there’s a sale but even if not, I am now a 7 veils convert. Previously I used may lindstrom blue cocoon and amore pacific products and never got the same results after spending so much. Thank you again!!

    1. OMG YOU MADE MY WHOLE DAY! ❤ Thank you SO much for your feedback! We are definitely including a note to shake the serum because separation is natural… but otherwise that's the formula going forward!

  4. Hello,
    I received my sample of the Seven veils serum today. I have to say I love the scent and how my skin looks with one use. I’m hooked ( live your other products already). I will definitely be ordering the full size and others in the Seven veil line.
    Keep up the amazing work. I’m a fan!!!

  5. I have had a crazy month and wasn’t very consistent with the serum but I immediately noticed how moisturizing the serum is without feeling heavy. I haven’t been wearing any other eye cream or moisturizers. I also noticed that a hyperpigmentation area on my cheek is clearing. That thing has been there for 15 years! LOL Not even my retin a worked on it. I need to be your assistant. Your products are amazing!!!

    I am not sure what is in this, but can I use it with other topicals?

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