FOTD: Golden

I decided to end the week on a sparkling high note, with that trifling ass Natasha Denona Star Palette. The more I mess with it the more I want her to issue apologies and refunds. These crystal things are just unacceptable.

In order to make this horseshit work, you HAVE TO APPLY THE GLITTER FIRST. So I used an old eyeshadow primer and slapped Polaris onto my eyelids with fingers before it set. Then I dusted off the excess because wouldn’t you know that not all of it adhered to the primer. SMH

Then I did the rest of my eyes with the deepest brown in the crease, then buffed out the top with the peach color. No, I’m not putting the color names down because there’s no point. You can use any matte dark brown and any matte warm peach and get the exact same result. I finished with Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen (which is simply magic) and Armani Mascara (you already know)

Lips are a combination of Chanel’s Nude Liner (of which I have worn TWO down to the nub, and am now on a third), and Bite’s Gold Creme Lip Gloss (totally worth getting).

I’m trying to really be as compassionate toward this palette as our government keeps asking us to be toward people who brazenly spray swastikas on federal property and openly hurl racist and sexist slurs (oh they got ONE TIME TO TRY ME. ONE.) in the wake of this election. But the struggle is real y’all. I’m not sure what the point of this palette is beyond an obvious money grab. She should have spent more time on these formulas to make them worth the asking price. With time, I’m sure that this palette could have been great. Even Samantha (Pixiwoo) couldn’t fix her lips to recommend it. She gave the price, and said that maybe it’s not a good idea for a professional to try and use it ’cause the shadows are easily compromised. It was polite, but she wasn’t up there hocking it like it’s the best thing ever either, and I truly respect that.

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