FOTD: Rouge

November is here! I love this time of year. And for once, the weather out here is acting like it’s ACTUALLY AUTUMN and not the dead of Summer. Sheesh. So I broke out the latest offering for Marc Jacobs, the holiday lippie called ‘Bad Behavior.’

This is such a perfect Autumn color. It’s not holiday red… rather it’s a solid brown-based bad-behaviorbrick color that is super flattering on my warm skin tone. I loved it immediately. The formula is the same gel-cream goodness that you expect from all Marc Jacobs lipsticks. And I believe this one is limited edition so if you want it, get it.

The only proper pairing for this lipstick was the Chanel eye shadow palette in Candeur et Experience. The matte collection of red and browns was the perfect way to really let this lipstick shine.

I started with the Suqqu Foundation. Still so much in love with it. I really can’t wait until my actual color comes in stock. I went in with the Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder in #3 (Dark) around the edges, and #2 (Medium) in the center of my face. I used a light contour (Chanel Notorious) under my cheekbones, then warmed it up by buffing a little Taraji Glow (MAC) over it.

For the eyes, I used the lightest brown shade as a base, then the red just in the center. I used the darkest brown in the crease, under the waterline and inside as well. I used Tom Ford Eye definer on the lashline, then went over it with the dark brown shadow to matte and mute it. Then I buffed the medium brown shade above the crease to pull it all together. Mascara is Chantecaille Faux Cils (time to replace my beloved Armani).

Look at that lipstick! I love it. It’s such a flattering shade. This is my favorite from Marc Jacobs… almost as much as J’adore which up until now had been my top pick. Keeper!

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