Suqqu Foundation

I just need Suqqu to come to the United States so I can stop spending so much freakin’ money on shipping.


I got my hands on the new Suqqu Foundation, and was more than a little skeptical out the gate. First, my actual color (#35) is sold out, so I went one shade up and got #30. No, I don’t recommend this because pigment correction is a pain in the rear. Honestly, you’re not going to have all of those correctors in your arsenal unless you’re a pro, and if you’re only using them for your own face, then you’re wasting your money. But I got #30 and sure as ever, it’s a hair too light. But it’s really nothing that a nice dusting of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pressed Powder in Dark can’t handle.

I was all set to share swatches and photos, but don’t you know I can’t download them? Boo! These are directly from my phone so it was easy to just ship them to this platform. I’ll get the swatches up as soon as I can figure out the download.

This stuff is SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. Puts Chanel’s Sublimage offering to shame, at a fraction of the price. You need such a little bit (I’ve overdone it a few times). The lightest swipe blurs imperfections and really sets the skin up nicely. You can use it a little heavier to conceal, but you really don’t need it. I love this stuff. A little pressed powder on top and you are seriously good to go. In terms of staying power, it beats Chantecaille Future Skin (which I adore) because even though the latter is a gel formulation, this one doesn’t separate itself from the skin like Chantecaille can. It wears all day with very minor blotting… and even without blotting you just end up with a lovely glow vs. full on greaseball.

I’ve put #35 on my wish list, but if I never get it, I’m not really sad about it. I can do just fine with this one. It’s such a functional foundation, and really sets the standard for what a cream formulation should be.

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