FOTD: Sheer Skin/Red Lips

Normally, when I do a red lip I go all full with the foundation because Red Lips = Glamour right? Wrong. Since the makeup community upgraded all those antiquated rules, it stands to reason that I need to do the same. I went nearly bare in the skin department, using just By Terry CC Cream and Charlotte Tilbury Powder in Medium. The good thing about that (damn) powder is that it has rose wax in it so it hydrates more than it dries. You’d think this would be counter-intuitive for my skin, but since balancing it out (it was oily because it was unbalanced) it just sets whatever liquid I have under it with the lightest of dustings.

I wanted to stay soft with the rest of the makeup as well, so I used the light and medium contour colors from the Viseart Contour + Highlight palette as lid and crease colors. Then Urban Decay Zero pushed into the lashline with a brush, and Armani mascara to finish.

Cheeks are Estee Lauder + Victoria Beckham Bronzer.

The lips are Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experimente) with a clear gloss on top. Mostly this is a matte formula, but in this case I patted it on with fingers to stain, then popped MAC clear gloss on top. It had the nerve to hold well despite the oily formula. These are definitely making my Best of 2016 list for liquid lipsticks. Chanel really outdid themselves, and I appreciate that they were patient and developed a formula that would really stand out.

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