A/W 2016: Chanel Sublimage Foundation

I decided to take my time and try out the new Chanel Sublimage Foundation. It’s allegedly suited to dry mature skins, with a sheerer coverage. My skin is decidedly NOT dry, and this foundation really worked to bind itself, and totally stayed put with no real help. I tried a primer a few times, but honestly the foundation works fine by itself. The initial coverage is sheer, but you can easily build it with fingers or a Beauty Blender.

This foundation comes in a lovely gold box. The jar (so unsanitary) is glass, and it comes with a brush, which I believe is an attempt to justify the $100+ price tag. It doesn’t. The brush doesn’t work and sheds all to be damned. You’re better off with fingers or a blender honestly. I prefer this with fingers. The jar is awful for sanitation reasons. It comes with a raggedy piece of plastic masquerading as a dispensing tool, that does more to frustrate you than anything else.

I ended up with the shade 50, which is the darkest shade in this formula. It looks a hideous flat brown in the jar, but actually applies with a distinct yellow undertone.

You see it applies light, then merges to cover and brighten without going ashy. I found that depending on what colors I used, it did the same to my overall complexion. When I wore cool colors, everything brightened. When I wore earth tones, everything kind of merged together. While this is interesting, it does take some getting used to.

One thing is for sure: the finish is definitely radiant. Even with a light dusting of powder, my skin glowed. People kept asking me what was up, so kudos for truth in advertising. The foundation holds better with a primer on me (6-8 hours), and minimal blotting.

Is it worth the hefty price tag? No. But it’s nice if you’re into that sort of thing.

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