Victoria Beckham’s Charred Emerald

Don’t you dare judge.

Okay, so I had to go back for the Charred Emerald because… well just because. I also got the Morning Aura (meh) and the extra Black Myrhh just to justify shipping ’cause Selfridges wants your first born to send stuff across the pond. I don’t know why some Youtube folks had their lips twisted up about this gorgeous eyeshadow. It’s deep and pigmented and so easy to  use that I just lined my eyes with it.


Foundation is Burberry Fresh Glow (LOVE), and Charlotte Tilbury Powder in medium. Blush is the Victoria Beckham Bronzer, topped with Modern Mercury Highlighter. That highlighter is also the base on my lids. I first smudged Urban Decay Pencil in Zero in between my lashes, then lined dry with Charred Emerald. The color might come out more intense wet, but I’m not willing to potentially damage the pot right now to find out. I also used Charred Emerald on my waterline with a brush. Yes, I know you shouldn’t. No, I don’t care.

Lips are Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Very Victoria.

Forget about the season, this might be one of my most used/loved collections of all time. That’s probably because it’s so practical and easy to use. And the older I get, the more practical I become in terms of time and actual application.

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