I was watching Lisa Eldridge talk about getting away from typical golds and reds for the Holiday Season… and all I wanted to do was golds and reds. 😀

I get her point, but ‘smoky mink’ and fuchsia lips just aren’t my cup of tea. I’d totally do it on a super pale client, but gold, bronze, and brick reds are just a warm-toned girl’s dream come true… Holiday Season or otherwise.

Anytime I do a red lip, I’m a stickler for trying to keep the rest of the face as simple as possible on my face. Anytime I try to do something extra with a red lip, I slide right into ‘’ and it just looks awful on me.

My base is Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation in Camel. It’s just gorgeous and skin-like and keeps things pretty effortless. Even though it’s not full coverage, it blurs imperfections fullsizerender173enough to divert the eye away. Powder is Charlotte Tilbury Pressed in #02. I grabbed the Viseart contour/highlight palette and used the medium dark color in the hollows to really give my face dimension. Then I highlighted with Ardere Concealer in #5 (which is honestly the only color I can wear without going full drag). Blush is Chanel in Evening Beige.

Eyes are Chantecaille Chrome Lux… the bronze color from Gardens of Marrakesh. I contoured the eyes with the darkest color in the Lunasol Glossy Eyes Beige palette. Liner is Tom Ford and mascara is Armani.

Lips are my seasonal go to: Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experiemente). I got the line just perfect with Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani in Rock Steady.

Y’all have fun with the minks and the fuchsias this season… I’m all about that sparkle eye and red lip. Just saying.

Suqqu Foundation

I just need Suqqu to come to the United States so I can stop spending so much freakin’ money on shipping.


I got my hands on the new Suqqu Foundation, and was more than a little skeptical out the gate. First, my actual color (#35) is sold out, so I went one shade up and got #30. No, I don’t recommend this because pigment correction is a pain in the rear. Honestly, you’re not going to have all of those correctors in your arsenal unless you’re a pro, and if you’re only using them for your own face, then you’re wasting your money. But I got #30 and sure as ever, it’s a hair too light. But it’s really nothing that a nice dusting of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pressed Powder in Dark can’t handle.

I was all set to share swatches and photos, but don’t you know I can’t download them? Boo! These are directly from my phone so it was easy to just ship them to this platform. I’ll get the swatches up as soon as I can figure out the download.

This stuff is SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. Puts Chanel’s Sublimage offering to shame, at a fraction of the price. You need such a little bit (I’ve overdone it a few times). The lightest swipe blurs imperfections and really sets the skin up nicely. You can use it a little heavier to conceal, but you really don’t need it. I love this stuff. A little pressed powder on top and you are seriously good to go. In terms of staying power, it beats Chantecaille Future Skin (which I adore) because even though the latter is a gel formulation, this one doesn’t separate itself from the skin like Chantecaille can. It wears all day with very minor blotting… and even without blotting you just end up with a lovely glow vs. full on greaseball.

I’ve put #35 on my wish list, but if I never get it, I’m not really sad about it. I can do just fine with this one. It’s such a functional foundation, and really sets the standard for what a cream formulation should be.

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette


I actually considered passing on this palette. I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in the head, and I didn’t think I would love nearly as much as I actually do.metal-matte-4

The pigmentation level is soooo good, even with the mattes. And while they don’t swatch the best with fingers, they really pack a punch in practical application. The metals are DIVINE. All buttery soft and gorgeous to boot. All of it comes encased in a massive palette that is more than worth the $60 asking price.

Here are the metals:


Here are the mattes:


I am completely in love with this palette. I never thought I’d like it as much as I do. I’ve been playing with it for about a week, and so far it’s holding up very well… particularly for the price. I haven’t used a drop of primer (you guys know how I feel), and there’s been no fallout, no creasing, and no fading on any of the colors.

FREE Seven Veils Serum!

Hey Guys,

Remember when we did the GAIA giveaway and you all gave me such beautiful, valuable seven-veils-serumfeedback (which was absolutely applied)? I’d like to do that with a serum formulation that is still in the beta phase. I’m OVER THE MOON about it, but I always want to put it in as many hands as possible so that I can get HONEST (not trade or paid) feedback.

So you guys know how this works. All I need is a comment here saying YES I WANT ONE (or something to that effect)! And then back that up by sending your mailing address to us on the FACEBOOK PAGE. Why there? Because we transfer all social media data to a specific bank to keep up with you guys and it helps us serve you better. I’d like you to try it for a week and give feedback, then keep using it up (you’ll get enough for about a month’s supply) and let me know what you think overall. That’s it.

This serum is designed to work for almost everyone. If you have allergies to essential oils (lavender, roman and german chamomile, neroli, frankincense and sandalwood) then you can’t use this. But if you’re oily, dry, mature or sensitive (but not to the things I mentioned) then you should be fine.

I’ll have them sent out on a first come, first served basis. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Charlotte’s Film Noir Nights

Holiday Makeup Season is upon us, and Charlotte Tilbury got way out in front with a fantastic offering that looks like it’s worth more than the asking price.


Film Noir Nights is a Lipstick/Eyeliner Duo, that features her latest addition to the Matte Revolution Collection: Opium Noir. It also comes with her Iconic Rock n’ Kohl Liner in Bedroom Black. Considering the fact that my original liner is basically an unusable nub, it was definitely worth it for me to purchase both for $49.

The items alone make the purchase worth it. But Charlotte went one further with this amazing lighted mirrored box:

I was so impressed when I opened it! Charlotte held true to her Old Hollywood Glamour inspiration with this set. It’s simply stunning and is meant to make an amazing gift to yourself or anyone who appreciates a quality makeup set.

Opium Noir reads like a black-based brick red in the tube, but it’s brighter on my skin. I thought it would go nearly goth based on the bullet color, but it doesn’t. It wears a true deep Hollywood 1930’s smoky red (what Tom Ford’s past offering should have been) in a black and white photo. Charlotte seems clear on what she was going for, and this lipstick does not disappoint.

I LOVE it. Charlotte really outdid herself on this one. The rest of the face is all Charlotte Tilbury: Magic Foundation (#9), Pressed Powder (#2), Filmstar Bronze & Glow (original), Rock n’ Kohl in Bedroom Black, and Full Fat Lashes Mascara.

FOTD: Sheer Skin/Red Lips

Normally, when I do a red lip I go all full with the foundation because Red Lips = Glamour right? Wrong. Since the makeup community upgraded all those antiquated rules, it stands to reason that I need to do the same. I went nearly bare in the skin department, using just By Terry CC Cream and Charlotte Tilbury Powder in Medium. The good thing about that (damn) powder is that it has rose wax in it so it hydrates more than it dries. You’d think this would be counter-intuitive for my skin, but since balancing it out (it was oily because it was unbalanced) it just sets whatever liquid I have under it with the lightest of dustings.

I wanted to stay soft with the rest of the makeup as well, so I used the light and medium contour colors from the Viseart Contour + Highlight palette as lid and crease colors. Then Urban Decay Zero pushed into the lashline with a brush, and Armani mascara to finish.

Cheeks are Estee Lauder + Victoria Beckham Bronzer.

The lips are Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experimente) with a clear gloss on top. Mostly this is a matte formula, but in this case I patted it on with fingers to stain, then popped MAC clear gloss on top. It had the nerve to hold well despite the oily formula. These are definitely making my Best of 2016 list for liquid lipsticks. Chanel really outdid themselves, and I appreciate that they were patient and developed a formula that would really stand out.

A/W 2016: Chanel Sublimage Foundation

I decided to take my time and try out the new Chanel Sublimage Foundation. It’s allegedly suited to dry mature skins, with a sheerer coverage. My skin is decidedly NOT dry, and this foundation really worked to bind itself, and totally stayed put with no real help. I tried a primer a few times, but honestly the foundation works fine by itself. The initial coverage is sheer, but you can easily build it with fingers or a Beauty Blender.

This foundation comes in a lovely gold box. The jar (so unsanitary) is glass, and it comes with a brush, which I believe is an attempt to justify the $100+ price tag. It doesn’t. The brush doesn’t work and sheds all to be damned. You’re better off with fingers or a blender honestly. I prefer this with fingers. The jar is awful for sanitation reasons. It comes with a raggedy piece of plastic masquerading as a dispensing tool, that does more to frustrate you than anything else.

I ended up with the shade 50, which is the darkest shade in this formula. It looks a hideous flat brown in the jar, but actually applies with a distinct yellow undertone.

You see it applies light, then merges to cover and brighten without going ashy. I found that depending on what colors I used, it did the same to my overall complexion. When I wore cool colors, everything brightened. When I wore earth tones, everything kind of merged together. While this is interesting, it does take some getting used to.

One thing is for sure: the finish is definitely radiant. Even with a light dusting of powder, my skin glowed. People kept asking me what was up, so kudos for truth in advertising. The foundation holds better with a primer on me (6-8 hours), and minimal blotting.

Is it worth the hefty price tag? No. But it’s nice if you’re into that sort of thing.