Peonies for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Habibi is rolling out a promotion to raise awareness (and money) in the fight against Breast Cancer. Yes this is a promotional post. NO you do not have to participate in it. Just let me do my thing and do some good and maybe (even by reading this) we inspire each other to make this world a better place to live in.

I, both personally and through Habibi, have been an avid supporter of the Foundation for Living Beauty for 15 years. The organization works to uplift and support both fighters and survivors of breast cancer. I met the founder, Amie, on a fluke: we have a mutual friend who had to cancel our plans one night to work with the foundation, and I curiously tagged along to see what was what. Amie’s foundation was born of necessity, in support of a family member who developed breast cancer.

Since that time, Habibi has contributed to the Foundation either through product or monetary donation, or in-person support. It’s grown from the occasional party to raise awareness, to regularly scheduled retreats and workshops for fighters, survivors and care-givers. It’s been a joy to watch this organization grow and do so much good for so many people. I was a casual observer and regular contributor until a few months ago when I was driving home in this oppressive heat, and my mentor called and told me to pull over.

She has cancer in the lymph nodes under her arms, and in her breast tissue.

I immediately reached out to the foundation to try and get her some help and support, and offered to pay for whatever it would take to help her participate in the workshops and retreats. They informed me that the services are FREE for their Living Beauties and that all she needed to do was sign up. Seriously? While this makes total sense, you’d be surprised at the amount of non-profits that require participants to contribute money in some way. This blew me away and made me so happy.

So this year I’m upping the ante.


To bring focus to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Habibi has rolled out ‘Peony Petals.’ It’s a small collection designed specifically to raise money for the Foundation for Living Beauty. 50% of every sale goes to the foundation. The other half simply covers the cost of making the product. So Habibi won’t make a dime… just like the foundation doesn’t profit off of Living Beauties. I chose Peonies because when we worked together at the network, she would bring fragrant bouquets of peonies to sit at her desk and bring a little joy to our work space. I developed a love for the flowers because of her, and now keep them in my home because they look and smell amazing.

Personal affectation is a funny thing; often we care about a thing MORE when it directly affects us. I am just as guilty as the next person. I was a marginal contributor until my friend was affected… but I honestly feel like it’s always better late than never. This cause is close to  my heart, and I give in reflection of that. I also teach my mentor yoga and  breath technique, because it helps lower her stress levels and (according to her doctor) prevents her from exacerbating tumor growth as they work to treat her.

This is not a pitch for you to buy. This is a cathartic attempt to share something on my heart, and display my commitment to the cure in a very public way.

I Love You All.



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