Lip Service: Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experimente)

Chanel wants all of you to know that they are NOT playing around this season! The new Lip Inks are what happens when you don’t rush out like an asshole to be first to release a liquid lipstick, and use hype and controversy to sell your inconsistent and overall shoddy product (you know who you are).

Armani kind of threw down the gauntlet many moons ago with their Velvet Maestro. They weren’t that good. Since then formulations have definitely gotten better from the company (even though they’re still not as good as Hourglass… but better than YSL. Let’s face it, everything’s better than YSL in the liquid lipstick department). Meanwhile, a crap load of indie companies sprang up and formulas ranged from sometimes great (depending on the batch), to good, to “if you don’t sit your trifling ass down right now”… and hordes of beauty fanatics snapped them up in hopes of finding the holy grail of matte liquid lipsticks that didn’t dry out your lips or take a chisel to get off the edges (even as the center wore away and got crusty on re-application).

Meanwhile Chanel was laying back in the cut watching everyone behave like a bunch of asshats, and perfecting a formula that would shut it all down. You know the testers were like “No. Send it back.” And the bean counters were all “But…. but everyone, like EVERYONE has a liquid lipstick…” And the testers were like: SEND.IT.BACK.

Now, Autumn 2016… arguably way behind the 8-ball… Chanel came out with the new Lip Inks. Now, to be honest, I haven’t been right with them since they discontinued those epic Lacquers (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT DRAGON? HOW SWAY?), so I came to this collection with a firm side eye. I ended up with two (150 and 154) and road tested the former. Now, I’m up to 154 (Experimente) and OH.MY.GAWD.

When I tell you that this is the perfect warmed red… Y’ALL LISTEN. And it goes on like a dream, wears like a creamy lipstick in terms of comfort, and won’t come off until I sic Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil on it (which will take off Beauty Bakerie… and trust and believe that lip glue needs a damn chisel). This is so good. I’m mad that I love it so much. Now I want more colors. Dammit. Most of the colors are soooo bright (Chanel remains clueless with seasonal colors. Lookin’ like a Summer selection for A/W. SMH) but I’m totally open to seeing what’s what.

I LOVE this color. Such a good red. Such a wearable red. Such a great formula that I don’t have to worry about looking a hot mess 6 hours into wear. Plus it LOOKS like a regular lipstick in that it doesn’t dry your lips out trying to be the most matte ever and won’t make your lips flaky.

Kudos Chanel. Y’all did the damn thing. I might just forgive you for Dragon…



You will never be forgiven until you bring it back.

In the original formula.

Do it.

5 Replies to “Lip Service: Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experimente)”

  1. Thank you so much! 💞 I ordered 4 of these (148-154). They look so nice on you and the way you wrote about them sold me! I often don’t have time to reapply my lipstick during the day and I hate when I finally look in the mirror and my lipstick has worn off in such an ugly way. But then again I cannot do those super matte liquid lipsticks that everyone seems to love. Beauty bakerie was a nightmare for me. These sound perfect. Thank you again.

  2. You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the post helpful. I really like them. And they definitely don’t wear like Beauty Bakerie. My favorite color from them is Cranberry Stiletto but I have to wear it in short spurts because it is SO drying.

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