Chanel Lips A/W 2016

I’ve been road testing a few of Chanel’s new Lippies for Fall, and so far so good. I skipped over the lipsticks … and not just because they are oddly bright for this season. Because… no. They don’t look impressive and swatched patchy on me. So, pass.

But the new Lip Inks are interesting. They’re meant to answer the rash of matte liquid lipsticks that have all but saturated the market. The formula is thinner (think YSL) and they can kind of be patted on to stain, or layered for a full opaque effect. The color selection leaves a bit to be desired; it consists of brights and reds with different undertones (pink, yellow, and brown). That’s about it. The standouts to me were 150 lip-ink(Luxuriant) and 154 (Experimente).

I also picked up the latest offering in the Rouge Double Intensity line: 102 (Milky Blueberry). I was honestly kind of skittish about the Lip Ink colors, and the blueberry is much closer to a berry look that would be perfect for the season.

All of the formulas are noteworthy. They look scary to apply (the pigment factor is pretty high) but they really aren’t. I’d recommend a steady hand and a light touch to start. I had no problem putting on the colors without the help of a brush or a lip liner.


As you can see, Luxuriant is a strong strawberry pink on me. Some people were describing it as plum, but that’s not a reality on my warm skin tone. Milky blueberry is much more of a cool plum on me, and Experiemente is my perfect shade of brick red.

I haven’t tried Experiemente in practical application, but I’m over the moon at the results from Milky Blueberry and Luxuriant:

The colors wear absolutely gorgeous, and they LAST. I ate and drank all day in Milky Blueberry and aside from a little wear in  the center, it held strong. Same for Luxuriant. So far I’m a happy camper. I don’t care for the rest of Chanel’s seasonal offerings; honestly these were the standouts for me.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying. I know it should be obvious but English is not my first language and sometimes color descriptions are not clear to me.

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