Estee Lauder + Victoria Beckham: The Second

The lippies came! While I do love everything, I see (now) that layering them all together can be a bit much.



Lip liner is on the left, then lipstick, then lipgloss.

With the exception of the gloss (where there is no doubt about color), the pencil and especially the lipstick look like they pull a little in the swatches. They do NOT. This is a fullsizerender149distinct nude with yellow and brown undertones, and if you have pink undertones in your skin, you might want to be careful about rushing out to buy this. These lip products do something really interesting to my  lips: they completely remove my natural pigmentation and make my lips look nearly bare. It’s quite a gorgeous surprise and completely seals my love for this collection. The rest of this FOTD is the eye ink in Black Myrrh (LOVE), with the highlighter on the inner corners and blended through the crease. Highlighter and bronzer are also on the cheeks. I layered all three of the lip products, which I do not recommend. After this picture I ended up taking it down and just wearing the lipstick. You can wear the pencil alone or with the lipstick or gloss… but I don’t recommend doing it with the lipstick AND gloss. It’s too much. I felt like I had weights attached to my lips. And they were so packed and shiny and honestly kinda gross. But worn alone or two at a time they really make a lovely impact.

I will say that I have one major complaint with Estee Lauder: the lipstick is small. LIKE…. SMALL! I put it next to a Bite lipstick (then read the weight) and found that side by side, the VB version nearly looks like a sample. Not cool. Especially at $45. It’s rather rude to shrink the tube size and jack up the price. Just greedy and raggedy and I’m sure I’m not the only person who didn’t appreciate it.

Do better Estee. Otherwise, the collection is a hit in this camp.

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