Estee Lauder + Victoria Beckham: The First


So my first impression of this collection is LOVE. Pure unadulterated love. Okay, let me clarify. I don’t like everything (I think those eye tints are a complete waste of space and the eye pencil is garbage), but most of it is fabulous. The colors are not exceptional, but the formulas are undeniably fantastic. And the packaging just seals it. If you think it reminds you of Tom Ford, you’re right. Estee Lauder owns Tom Ford Beauty, so similarities are warranted. But this is so much better, in my opinion. The reason why is the insides. The Tom Ford Night Blooming Powders (which is where the similar packaging happens) are good, but not fantastic. The highlighter is a gold highlighter. Period. And the blush is a source of frustration for anyone… including the palest of them all… trying to get it to show up on their skin. Not so for this collection. EVERYTHING shows up. The colors are dense and gorgeous, and I am here for (mostly) all of it.


This is what showed up first. I got this collection in pieces from different places. Estee Lauder began to sell out the day after it released, and certain stores only got certain items. So these arrived from Selfridges (which is crazy because the US based stores haven’t even shipped yet!), and I couldn’t wait for the rest to arrive to start this review. So I’ll do it in pieces. I also ordered the lipstick, lip pencil, and gloss. When those get here, I’ll post them as well.


See what I mean about density? The bronzer shows up on my skin, and is dark enough to cheat as a contour. The highlighter is DENSE. As you can see, it’s opaque and unapologetic. You have to really sheer it out to use it, so a light touch is recommended. You can easily pack it onto your eyes as a shadow, and it’ll hold with no issue. I also got the eye shadow in Bitter Clove, which looks like a lighter (with multi-color sparkles) version of Gucci’s Cocoa, which I love. My favorite is the eye ink in Black Myrrh. I know… it’s just a black shadow. But when I tell you that it’s so dense that it works gorgeously as an eyeliner with no fallout (not that I could see and I packed it with abandon)… OMG. Love. I want a backup. That’s so rude. But I do.

I happily dug into these items for an FOTD:

Bronzer as contour, highlight as  highlight, Bitter Clove on the lids and Black Myrrh everywhere else on the eyes. I really love this stuff.

Because my lip stuff hasn’t gotten here yet, I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Very Victoria with a clear gloss on top.

Doing my very best Victoria Beckham impression

Love this collection. It’s well done, beautifully packaged, and classically impressive. It’s the difference between a pair of camouflage Louboutin booties and a classic Balmain blazer. You can tell that a lot of thought went into most of the collection (I’m not a fan of the palette because I feel like it does color for color’s sake, and I feel like the double ended eye pencil  was kind of phoned in), and Beckham has every reason to be proud of it.

6 Replies to “Estee Lauder + Victoria Beckham: The First”

  1. Shahada, thank you so much for this review. Some of the other reviews didn’t have great things to say about the collection, but I had been waiting to see how the colors translated on brown shin. The highlight and contour look gorgeous on you. I feel excited again about the launch and might just bite the bullet by picking up something that shadow. Thanks, again!

    1. You’re welcome! I saw some of those reviews and I honestly think it has to do with the fact that a lot of people who got stuff for free from the company ended up with mostly mediocre selections. The pencil isn’t great and neither is the eye foil. the Gems are the highlighter, and the individual shadows. Bloggers did get the green shadow, but most didn’t like it. The black is where it’s at, followed by the brown, and then the green. So they got bogus selections and by design gave the collection a bogus review.

  2. I ordered this collection from Bergdorf. I purchased the highlighter, the same eye shadows you have plus the green color. I ordered the nude lipstick and an eye foil. I have so many Guerlain bronzers that I passed. Now I think I should have purchased the bronzer instead of the eye foil. Your face looks lovely.

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