MAC & Taraji P. Henson

Here ya go:




I put it all together in an FOTD:

I used to Taraji Glow as a color wash around my eyes, with Highlight the Truth on the inner corners. mac-taraji-fotdHighlight the Truth is on my cheeks as a blush, and Strip Me Down on the lips. Foundation is a combo of Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation in Ochre and Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Banana. Powdered with Charlotte Tilburry in #2 Medium.

Listen, Taraji was NOT messing around on pigmentation. Everything is super pigmented and I highly recommend  a light touch. This is absolutely a collection with warmer skin tones in mind, so that everyone can enjoy a ‘nude’ no matter what. I already joked that I bet Taraji was in the background telling them to make sure warmer skin tones could use it easily use these colors as their go-to for quick and easy color washes and nude looks. I wholeheartedly applaud this effort. There’s nothing worse than having to use 10 different lip pencils and glosses to make a ‘nude’ lipstick look less like ashy spit in my skin-tone. This lipstick completely did away with that concern.

The fact that this collaboration sold out (at full price I might add. Pro discounts were not eligible) so fast is a testament to this inclusive need. Kudos MAC for putting out such a kick ass, albeit cozy, collection. I’ll make an effort to be a little nicer to them in the future…

Maybe. 😉


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