MAC: The Good, The Bad, and The Raggedy as Hell

MAC keeps trying to pull me back into their shenanigans and I refuse. REFUSE. But I did stop running away from their 50 billion launch emails long enough to do two things: support Star Trek (which collaborated to celebrate a 50th Anniversary), and Taraji P. Henson (because … BOSS).

The only thing that made sense in the Star Trek collection were the Trip The Light Fantastic Powders. Let’s be honest: I’m not wearing the rest of that madness on a regular and neither are most of y’all. I’m here to be your practical luxury (wait, should those two words go together?) guide to all things makeup.

First the good:


These are awesome. The middle one (the coral) is naturally my favorite. Looks fabulous on my skin. But they are all good. Luna Luster (left) is a warm pink, Strange New Worlds is (obviously) coral, and Highly Illogical is a golden plum. All pretty. All worth it.


The swatches are fairly accurate in terms of light reflection and opacity. They are NOT super pigmented, but they do the most in terms of bringing out whatever color you’re already wearing. I actually wear the coral and plum alone as blush. Love them. Get them. You’re welcome.

Now to the bad/raggedy. They just did my girl Taraji so damn wrong:


See the issue? They’re labeled backwards. SMH. I got them in the mail like WTH? Highlight the Truth is clearly a highligher color, while Taraji Glow is supposed to be the warm rust color. But not mine. NOPE. They’re backwards. Yayyy MAC. So damn trifling.


But they ARE gorgeous, so I’m not too mad. I also got the lipstick (which is not here yet), so when it gets here I’ll swatch all three. I will say that Taraji Glow has no shimmer that I can see, which I really like. It’s an amazing blush color for deeper skin tones, and will work on me for a uniform wash (eyes/cheeks/lips) with variable pressure and mix medium. I can’t wait to play with it.

Swatches are coming. Ciao for now!


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