SKIN CARE: Moisturize

If my toner game is complicated, my moisturizing routine is anything but. I use HABIBI Oatmeal & Peppermint Face Moisturizer. Twice a day. Every day. Even if I layer something face moisturizeron top, that is always the base. I’ve tried to go with just using a layering product (like a face oil or night cream), and somehow something always goes a little south. It was one of the very first products I ever made (the company began as a way to address my acne-prone/sensitive skin) and it’s held true. Even though the formulation has evolved to include more ‘skin-saving’ ingredients, the basic premise is still there. It moisturizes, disinfects, and protects my skin no matter what. I keep little bottles of it everywhere: in the bathroom, in the car and in my gym bag. I don’t mess around. Ever since I REALLY dug deep and started paying attention to my skin, this is the thing that has not changed. Professionals will often tell you that it’s rarely the product that has your skin acting a mess. While products can make things worse, the root cause is typically in your daily habits both inside and out.

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