Skin Care: CLEAN

I’m trying to get it together y’all. I did not photograph my own products because they look awful. They looked fine to me until I took pictures, and then I was like EWWWW. Suffice to say they are very well used. Most of the labels are torn or rubbed off… so no. Have you ever looked at your stuff through another person’s eyes and really seen how raggedy it is? That’s what happened when I took the photos. Like…DAMN. So y’all get stock photos. Hush.


I think I  mentioned that I’m good for using water in the morning. I’ve since upgraded to herbal+mint water, courtesy of Santa Maria Novella. Now, can I make this stuff myself? Probably. Do I want to? No. This stuff smells amazing. I also have the Rose and Orange Blossom variety, but I have to be honest: I reach for the herbal water much more than the other two. It’s refreshing and I LOVE the smell. Plus it takes off whatever residue I have on my face from the night before and leaves my skin refreshed without stripping it. I normally wet a cotton square (I love the ones from IPSA) and just swipe it over my face. Easy Peasy.


If I’m taking off a face of makeup, my go-to is Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil. I don’t know why they title it ‘pure’ (it’s not),  but it does work. It’s honestly one of those products that clean skineveryone swears by, and it’ totally worth the hype. Tatcha did get in front of this yelling and screaming by sending a bunch of people a bunch of free stuff BUT since it works so well I’m not even mad. They believe in this product, and they should.

I’ve tried a ton of oil based cleansers and most of them burn the crap out of my eyes, or require a double cleanse. This stuff takes everything off with no overbearing scent, no eye-burning ingredients, and no muss. I use a warm flannel to take everything off. One swipe and I’m done. I splash my face afterwards, and there’s no need to use any other cleanser. A swipe of a cotton pad comes back absolutely clean.GAIA wash 1


At night, I take the day off with Habibi GAIA Brightening Wash. The fruit extracts pull off dirt and what not… and also dead skin cells. I love this formula so much on my skin, that I only use my former go-to (Oatmeal & Peppermint) once in a while. It still keeps my acne tendencies at bay, but the addition of the extracts really digs deep for me. I’ve heard complaints from sensitive skin types about this cleanser, so I don’t recommend it if your skin is reactionary. But my skin LOVES it so I use it every night. No exception.

Okay, that’s the cleansing part of my skin care regimen. The rest will come in toning, moisturizing and treatment breakdowns.

Ciao for now!

2 Replies to “Skin Care: CLEAN”

  1. I love my Gaia cleanser also. I use it after I remove my makeup and wash with my tea tree cleanser and follow it up with the Gaia last. I also use it in the morning. My skin is definitely more even since using it and break outs much less.

  2. Yayy! I’m SO HAPPY to hear that! Girl that’s a whole lot of cleanser though. A triple cleanse? Whew! But hey, if it works for you I’m not mad. I always tell people to do what works. All of our skin is different. I used to use Oatmeal & Peppermint every night, but honestly since using GAIA, the breakouts (on the rare occasion that I get them… and I’m shocked to even be able to say that) last about 48 hours and then they dry up and fade away.

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